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Choosing a new domain name is a very simple task for most experienced internet network marketers but it can be a challenge for someone just starting out in business. Here are a few quick tips that will help to make the process a bit easier.

First, it is virtually impossible to do business on the internet without having at least one domain name. Even if your company provides you with some type of replicated web site, it is normally a good idea to acquire your own domain name and have it redirected to the company issued site.

One of the first questions that normally pops up is whether or not it's mandatory to get a dot com (.com) domain name. Yes, there are plenty of successful marketers that use domain names that end in other extensions such as .net, . name, .biz, etc. However, dot com continues to dominant the marketplace and most of the experts still recommend that extension whenever possible. Basically, dot com has been branded into our subconscious to such a degree that even when you are clearly given a .net web address, we will instinctively type in dot com.

Next, when you are in the process of selecting a new name, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind.

1. Choose a domain name that contains keywords that apply to whatever it is you are promoting.

2. Make sure that your domain name is easy to read when it is typed or written (stay away from excessive vowels).

3. Long and descriptive domains were once frowned upon but are now more readily accepted.

When you are ready to actually purchase your new domain name, picking the right registrar can be tough because there are literally thousands of them out there on the web. We recommend two that have served us well over the years and for two very different reasons.

GoDaddy.com domain names are one of our favorites because they have a good price and they are fast with redirects. Some companies take many hours, and often days, before your web site is “live" and pointing to another domain name. However, we have purchased new domains and had them repointing to our site of choice in just a matter of minutes with GoDaddy.com. So, if you are looking for speed and a quick redirect, we recommend GoDaddy.com.

Another company that we like and have been using for many years is Dotster.com domain names. Dotster has a very easy to use back office and it is great for anyone that is managing multiple domain names. The system will alert you whenever it's time to renew a domain name and they also have many other features that you can use to make running your business easier. Ultimately, we like to keep our primary domain names secured through Dotster.com, and any redirect type domains are managed via GoDaddy.

If you are serious about marketing on the internet, learning the basics about buying and redirecting domain names is definitely a skill you will want to learn. Domain names are fairly inexpensive, simple to register, and equally simple to redirect. In the long run, a little creativity in choosing the right domain name can have a major impact on your new network marketing business.

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