Made for Adsense Websites - A Blessing and a Curse


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Since ever Google started their successful advertising program Adwords and Adsense a new breed of websites was born: Websites specifically made to display Google Adsense advertisements. These websites made for Adsense (MFA) are designed and setup with the intention to generate incoming from advertising as the primary reason. The actual information or user experience is considered secondary by the webmaster who operates the “Made for Adsense" website. A user is pretty much motivated to click on an ad just to get away from the useless MFA website content to find something he or she is really looking for.

MFA websites have become a blessing and a curse for companies like Google or Yahoo who offer contextual advertising options (Adsense and YPN). On one side the income generated by the webmaster who operates a “Made for Adsense" means income for the search engine or advertising provider (example: Google). On the other side these MFA websites usually do not meet a search engine user's needs for information and therefore a listing within the search engine index is questionable. Of course a high listing in the search engine index guarantees many visitors to a site and eventually a large number of clicks on advertisements.

So, the possible revenue that can be generated from a made for Adsense website stands in conflict with the efforts of a search engine to provide the best search results for a user/customer. If the search engines would remove all these MFA websites from their Index the actual user experience would be very high and satisfying. At the same time the income for the search engine from these contextual advertisements that are on the MFA websites would drop towards zero and the search engine does not make any money. That is a significant conflict of interest for a search engine and not easy to solve. Search Engines like Google are tightening the rules a little bit, but everyone with some industry experience can tell that they are not really cracking down on MFA websites and the efforts of their owners to generate income from these websites. It will be interesting to see how this develops in the future.

About the Author: Christoph Puetz owns a small Internet business and is a well recognized author having published books in the United States and Germany. Christoph currently operates a dog related website.


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