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Spam blocking is not as hard as it sounds, or as you might think it is. It is actually as easy as one, two, three. You do not need to search the whole wide world looking for a solutin to your spam problems. It also does not require you to purchase or buy different kinds of tools, not to mention expensive ones. All you need is an effective spam blocking software and those spam mails that you hate to receive but, unfortunately for you, you still receive, are assured to be blocked.

However, there is still a hard part when it comes to spam blocking. This hard portion is not involved in the installing or in the downloading. It is concerned with the “choosing" of the spam blocking software that you want to install in your computer's system. Since you are to download and install certain spam blocking software to make your life easier for you, you have to make sure that you are about to download a “true" spam blocking software.

Why use the word “true"? Are there “fake" spam blocking software? Well, you would be surprised to know that yes, there are fake spam blocking software. What do these fake spam blocking tools do? Simple. They just pretend that they block spam, but actually, they do not. They just pretend that they are spam spyware, but they know, or do, nothing that is in any way related to blocking spam. These fake spam blocking software are branded to be dummy spam spyware.

They are not really able to detect whether a certain spam mail is indeed spam or not. They are just dummies, acting on their “boss's" call. If the boss, in this case, the spammer himself or herself, modifies the dummy to make believe that it is blocking spam mail, then that is exactly what it is going to do.

Downloading dummy spam spyware is very much useless and pointless. You wasted money, if ever you had to pay a big amount of money for its purchasing, downloading, or installing. You wasted time for doing all the aforementioned activities. And not just that, you also had you pride hurt for having been deceived by a dummy.

Be more scrutinizing in checking certain spam blocking software, because if you do not, then you just might not realize that the software you purchased is a dummy spam spyware. So think twice before buying software.

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