Safeguarding Your Personal Data in Your System


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More and more cases of stealing personal data from personal computers are being reported around the world. One need to be aware about these attacks and should take necessary precautions to prevent this from happening. These forms attacks are very difficult to find out. But you can prevent them from happening by adhering to following points.

  • You may receive emails in disguise form.

    It may resemble very much to a mail from a reputed company. When you receive a mail asking to reveal your personal information, never disclose it.

  • Another latest method employed is Phishing to extract your login and password.

    In Phishing when you are looking for a particular website, you will be presented with a webpage which exactly resembles the original one. Without doubt you enters the username and password in the boxes provided. Once you click on the login button, your username and password are sent to culprits who will use this login and password for manipulating your account. To avoid this from happening, many companies are employing unique methods like displaying a unique picture or word from the users computer. Whenever, the website comes for login and password, check for this picture or word at the top of the webpage.

  • When you are using computer at Internet cafes, turn off the remember password option. If you enable this feature, the next person can easily login to your account without even providing username and password.
  • Install a good firewall in your system to disable hacking attempts.

    A good firewall gives warning about possible intrusions and you can take remedial steps immediately. Usually, good virus guards come with powerful firewalls.

  • Conduct credit card transactions only through a secured web page, which uses strong encryption algorithms.
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