Keywords - The Key to Affiliate Marketing Success

Richard Norris

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Once you have made the decision to become involved with an affiliate marketing product, your first major task will be to drive traffic to your affiliate page. Now, some beginners think that if they just buy thousands of clicks on their site that eventually they will find someone interested and a sale will be made. I like to refer to this as the “Needle in a Haystack" approach, because that just about the likely hood that this approach to marketing your affiliate offer will be successful. More likely you will have wasted money on clicks that had no interest in your affiliate product and stayed mere seconds before going on to the next site.

What you need is “targeted traffic. " Targeted traffic refers to people who already have an interest in the topic that is addressed by your affiliate product and are then drawn into your site, with a pre-disposition to consider your offer. Targeted traffic is most often brought in through ads at search engine sites such as Google or Yahoo and articles similar to this. In each case, it is keywords or phrases that are going to attract traffic. Selection of keywords are the most important part of marketing on the internet. For example, you wouldn't title an ad “Ski Colorado FREE" and then launch into an attempt to sell the visitor golf equipment. With every product and service that can be represented through an affiliate program there are keywords and phrases that are associated that will drive traffic to that product. Finding those keywords are what will make the difference between having “targeted traffic" and just getting clicks on your site. And, it is that “targeted traffic" that will be the fuel to your business.

Now, how do you find keywords? One of the best places to find keywords will be at the advertising sites themselves, such as Google, where you will find tools to assist you in the selection of your keywords. You can examine ads for similar products and services and get a feel for the key words that they are using to target traffic as well. It takes dedication to educating yourself about the use of keywords, but once you master the process you will find your marketing efforts will improve exponentially and the amount of money you lose because of poor ads will drop dramatically.

When using keywords or phrases in articles, be sure to include them in the title and at least three more times in the body of the article. By continually honing in on your keyword or phrase (one that the reader was searching for when they found your article, most likely), you will elevate your chances of keeping them interested until the end and getting across the information you set out to deliver.

If you are new to internet marketing, I can't stress enough how important educating yourself on keywords will be to your ultimate success. As I stated earlier, keywords and phrases are the fuel that will power your affiliate marketing machine to victory lane. I wish you much success.

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