Does Google Sandbox Exist?

Volodymyr Zablotskyy

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There are so much talk about so called Google “Sandbox" that I to decided to chip in. So does this so called “Google Sandbox" exists? In order to answer this question let us recap again what this “sandbox" means according to many web-masters. This sandbox is talked about as it was a read place somewhere on the Google data centers where all the new website are placed. And it takes about six months in order for your new website to get out off there.

There are many false presumptions in this kind of logic. If you think about how much stress is being put on the “relevancy" of search engine results, how many more sites will be relevant let say to keyword “weight loss". Two million? Where do we draw the line?

Some one compared a website to a Chinese restaurant business. If you open yet another Chinese restaurant not to many people will flock to it just because you opened it. But if with the time people begin to spread word bout your restaurant or you stay in business for a year or so, you may have more clients coming to you. Why should you presume that it should be different with your website?

Of course there are times that you can open a Chinese restaurant in the are where here is none. Then you can probably expect visitors simple because they have no other place to choose from.

It not enough therefore to build a website and submit it to a dozens of search engines and the sit and expect flow of visitors. If you do that , the myth of “Google Sandbox" will grow and you will become believer in this myth.

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