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I’ve spent the past ten years working almost exclusively in the world of television. Over the past three years every network I work with wants an “online component” to the television show - either short form broadband “extras” or online interviews, the same sort of stuff you get on the DVD bonus reel. Over the past few months I’ve been meeting and consulting with many creators of broadband-intended content, and so far not one has asked me for a traditional broadcast component.

Let's contextualize this in the last big technological change in how we watch entertainment. Pre-1948, radio was king. In 1948 - 1949 there was a massive rush to move into broadcast television. Many radio stars and producers were eager to get a place at the TV table, and started extending their shows into the world of television. Yet I can't find a single example of a television show that insisted on creating a companion radio broadcast. Here we are again at another turning point of broadcast method vs content, and the stars are aligning.

I’m going to say this again, it’s important. The traditional broadcast behemoths insist on an online component for their shows that are intended for television broadcast, yet producers of content intended to be distributed online don’t insist (or even care about) a traditional broadcast component. Writing on the wall? I’d say more like there isn’t even a wall anymore. What does this mean for content creators, brands, and broadcast? What does this mean for you?

Jerry Kolber has produced over 100 episodes of brand-driven television in the last three years alone, including “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", “Inked" (A&E), “Gastineau Girls" (E!), and “The Agency" (VH1). He has a gift for creating authentic stories about meaningful brands and he has been a leader in integrating brand identity into narrative entertainment. While he is deeply familiar with the world of traditional broadcast, he is also focused on creating the paradigm for the next generation of always-on content. He is the Founder and President of “Fenwick Arms" where he helps brands extend their identity into traditional and emerging content environments. Through his own expertise and a vast network of affiliated creatives Jerry has proven over and over that he can deliver everything from big picture story ideas to day-to-day production services. He's on a mission to create passionate, joyful entertainment that helps people live better lives and make positive contributions to their community. Jerry's blog is at


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