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They were all the rage. Once. Your Website’s first opportunity to make a lasting impression. And, as a result, one company after another managed somehow to shoehorn into their “Home Page” everything a “surfer” might want to know about the company. In case you hadn’t noticed, the Web no longer talks about “surfers” And your Website should no longer have a “Home Page. ”

What was once your Home Page has in reality become a “landing” page, the place at which “visitors” – formerly surfers – enter your site, take a look around, then head off to find what it is they came there looking for.

Heaven help you if they can’t find it – whatever “it” is – in three clicks of a mouse or less. You’ll also need celestial intervention if the next page in your site they choose to visit doesn’t appear in full living color on their monitor in under three seconds. Yep. Three clicks and three seconds. It’s called “instant gratification. ” A hallmark of today’s consumer, aka Website visitor.

So if you can no longer call your Home Page a Home Page, what should you call it? Well, “Landing Page” isn’t gonna do it. That’s sort of an industry techie term. One that doesn’t tickle the fancy of those visitors. What you need is a label for that page that will also become an inviting link, one the visitor can come back to during flights in, out, around and through your Website.

A couple of quick suggestions come to mind, their value depending on what you feel belongs on that page. How about “What We Do”? Maybe “Who We Are”? Perhaps “About Us”?

You can get a little more creative if you’d like, with a title like “Just for You. ” Visitors love the word “you, ” whether on a Website or in a direct mail piece. They find it involving, inviting, something that gets them into the message, into the mood – a buying mood. And, thank you Martha, that’s a good thing.

Whatever you call it, keep the following in mind. That template developed for that page – the look and feel that’ll be carried throughout your site – has to be consistent with the “personality” you’ve chosen for your company. Personality? Yep. “Tone” and “attitude” are other words used that describe the same thing. Whatever you call that feeling, it’s created and reinforced by your choice of colors, type faces, graphics, layout, even your site’s use of white space.

And whatever you call that page, whatever you choose to include on it, however you choose to present it, keep in mind that it’s your site’s first opportunity to make a lasting impression.

© 2006, Philip A. Grisolia, CBC

Phil Grisolia is an award-winning copywriter and marketing communications consultant who enjoys writing Website contents. He’s also an accredited Certified Business Communicator (CBC), author and adjunct professor. To learn more about Phil and the types of help he provides for his clients, visit http://PhilGrisolia.com While there, sign up for a free subscription to his best-in-class newsletter - Making Sense of Marketing™.


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