Isn't It Time to Make Yourself Successful?


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Does my story sound like your story?

I'm a hard worker and I know for a fact that I helped my boss become a millionaire. Like most support personnel, I worked my fingers to the bone for a decent salary, annual bonus, and a 3% contribution to a 401K plan.

And, like many 401Ks across the country, mine went south with the rest of them.

I had nothing!

Not being a quitter, I set out to make sure this situation never happens again. I took my life into my own hands, and I am now the creator of my own destiny.

You can, too. You're online and reading this with the obvious knowledge, and hopeful intention, of finding how it is that others online make money and survive the ups and downs of the brick and mortar world.

Virtual reality isn't all roses, either. Without proper training and education in your chosen endeavor, you are almost certainly doomed to repeat history. Only this time, when history repeats, you have only yourself to hold responsible.

Choosing a program online starts with simple research. You see something of interest and the best advise would be to head to two places:

* A domain lookup like

* A major search engine to begin your research.

The domain lookup will give you a partial picture of the program of interest. You may be able to find out who the owner is, when the domain name was purchased, where the hosting of the program resides, and (if they aren't hiding under a private label), where they are and how to get a hold of them by phone and/or snail mail.

Assuming that all checks out, head to the search engine and start your research. Type in the name of the owner(s) of the program, type in the program itself, check for any listing discussing anything at all about the program. If you head into a forum, do keep in mind there are three types of forum participants:

* Those asking questions

* Those answering questions

* Those that enjoy kicking anything and everything that moves - seems also just for the pure enjoyment of doing it.

Even after all the reading and studying, the ultimate decision to start a new endeavor online resides with you.

Assuming the program costs to join, feel 100% comfortable that you are about to part with cash to join. If you have any shadow of any doubt, look for a way to get into the program perhaps with a trial run. This way you can either enter for free or for a limited cost. Make sure you have full control over the decision to continue or not.

After entering the program, the only thing left is to DO what you just joined. Signing up and never following through - especially after researching and making that difficult decision in the first place - is such a waste of time. Time works both ways. . . for you and against you.

The inability to take any action can be just as bad as jumping into everything sight unseen.


Margaret Dorsey has over 35 years experience in the legal field. She is an active member in the Forex Trading community. She enjoys helping individuals develop and hone their online trading education and skills. Her firm belief is anyone can be an accomplished self-starter and develop multiple streams of income


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