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Sean Mize

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Everything that works online can probably be broken down to its simplest roots and can be studied as a complex set of steps. And I think that psychologically, the process of creating credibility is quite complex. I think that there is a long chain of psychological events that occur that are involved in the process of creating credibility.

What happens to create credibility? You see, I think that credibility occurs at its deepest level when you connect with someone who at their deepest level is able to trust what you have to say.

That is difficult online, to say the least. Many people distrust the online process. They distrust what they read online. Then they also have this filtering mechanism that subconsciously blocks out any message that comes through in a tone of voice that resembles their mother, or their ex-husband, or anyone else they don’t really like or respect. But when you write, you have no clue what is going on there.

Think about this, when you are reading sales copy, are you sometimes just turned off, or have no reason to be turned on to the sales copy? Of course. Do you always know why? Probably not. Something in the style, etc. But you know you don’t like it, so you click out.

So without sticking to the psychological roots of this, and with some simplicity, what do you need to do to create the highest level of credibility in your email campaign?

1) You must recognize that you cannot reach everyone, so instead of trying to write for everyone, write to a specific audience or problem. Do not be afraid of unsubscribes. It is buyers that count. And if someone is at heart an unsubscriber, will the ever buy from you? Probably not. So stop trying not to offend people.

2) Recognizing that you cannot reach everyone, strive for congruency with those on your list. What that means is that the tone and the author of your marketing materials that draws someone to your site in the first place is the same as that of the web site and the same as that of the emails. You see, people bond with you, not the words on the paper. And if you have someone else write the advertising copy, and another person write the web copy, and then you, or even still someone else writes the email copy, the reader has no one to bond with. Give them someone to bond with, and you will get credibility.

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Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has created over 330 articles in print and 8 published ebooks.


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