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Is there something to writing the perfect businesses email, or should you just sit down and write as your ideas come to you?

There is something special about writing a good and effective (thus perfect) email, and if you wish yours to be read and acted upon, read on.

The Email Form

Emails can be letters, or memos, whatever you wish, and delivered instantaneously to your recipient.

Therefore, if you are not careful, and write in a sloppy and bad form, you will most likely have an ineffective and thus unsuccessful email.

The proper form must be adhered to, and that is stating a subject, and has one and only one subject, following the subject with support information, and a summary re-stating and clarifying the subject at the end.

The Subject

If at all possible, hold to one subject per email. You may have several topics in one email, but one general or specific subject.

Try to frame this subject in one or two words only. Say are writing a colleague about an upcoming businesses meeting, you can state the subject as “Upcoming Meeting”.

As a rule the shorter you can state your subject, the better.

The Body of the Email

The body text has some simple rules to follow:

1. Be brief and go straight to your point

2. Use simple language. This is no place to demonstrate your powerful vocabulary

3. Try to have only 3 short paragraphs. A lead paragraph, an information paragraph and a summary paragraph

4. Be polite

The email should not be full of stories or long introductions. Go to you point. Sometimes if you are writing to someone you have not written to in a long time, you can add a polite leader sentence like, “I hope this email finds you well and content” or something to that nature. Then get to the point, “I would like to alert you to the situation about…”

In the information paragraph expand the point, support it, and remember points 1 and 2 above.

The last paragraph must be no more than 2 sentences. One to sum up the subject and information and one to add emphasis.

The Salutation

The salutation in any email is also important. Find one you like and use it. Let it be part of your signature. Some acceptable ones in use today are:

  • Kind regards
  • With kind regards
  • Best Regards
  • Kindest best

    The old standards are ok, but dated, and you will look dated:

  • Very truly yours
  • Sincerely

    And if you are writing for someone else, or a company, you can also resort to:

  • For and on behalf of …

    There are also 3 things to completely avoid:

    1. Bad or unacceptable language
    2. Value judgments
    3. Slang

    The three points above will always have negative consequences.

    Follow the above guidelines and get an email that gets attention and action and increase bottom line profits.


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