Online Paid Surveys - Should You Take Surveys That Don't Pay Cash?


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If you’ve been looking for information on paid surveys for awhile now, you have probably come across some sites that pay in cash, and some that pay with other incentives such as gift vouchers or points.

But is it worth taking surveys that pay you in anything other than cash? It depends on what your goals are. If you only want to make money, rather than savings on products, or enter prize draws, then you may want to stay away from sites that don’t pay in cash.

Some sites, however, pay you with things like Amazon gift vouchers. Now to some people this is as good as cash. Why? Because if you were going to spend your money on CDs, books, DVDs, or anything else they sell at Amazon, then it’s just as good as money. Also, you can usually get gift vouchers of a higher value than you would if you were paid in cash.

But some sites pay you will “free entry” into prize draws. Are these worth it? Many people would agree that these sites aren’t worth your time. Personally, I have rarely ever filled in a survey for just a prize draw. But it’s important to realize that these prizes draws ARE legitimate (as long as you’re dealing with a reputable company, anyway). The best way is to look at it as free lottery ticket. You may get no reward, or you may get a very good reward, but you don’t have to pay with anything other than the time it takes for you to fill out the survey.

Some paid survey sites reward you with points. You can usually cash in these points when you hit a certain level. You can then exchange them for things like gift vouchers, entry into prize draws with huge prizes, or even money. Most of the time, the best deal is to use your points to claim gift vouchers for somewhere that you spend you money anyway (such as Amazon).

I hope I’ve been able to give you a good overview of the different paid survey incentives out there. While it’s always nice to get paid in cash, sometimes you can get many more surveys that reward you in different ways. For most people who are doing this for a little extra to spend each month, it’s worthwhile doing the surveys that allow you to save your money by using gift vouchers to buy things rather than cash.

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Paid Surveys – Take Your Chance to Take Surveys for Cash
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