Don’t Leave Your Internet Marketing To The IT Department

David Bain

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You wouldn’t leave your selling to the IT department – would you!? You wouldn’t leave your offline marketing to the IT department - would you!? Well why oh why do you leave your Internet Marketing to the IT department!!??

Fair enough, they might know HOW the technology works, but do they really know WHY you wish to advertise, WHO your market segment is and WHAT the desired outcome is? Your IT department is your IT department for one good reason. They’re good at technology.

According to Jay Abraham, the two most important job roles of an effective business leader are marketing and innovation.

You don’t have to understand technology to market successfully online. Amazingly though many business leaders are scared to take the time to understand what Internet marketing could do for their business. They think that it’s simply another form of promoting themselves to their target market. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Marketing your business effectively online isn’t about purchasing a pay-per-click campaign. And it isn’t about planting your Meta Tags with industry-relevant keyword phrases. Marketing your business online is about ensuring that your online presence is congruent with your existing and future offline business strategy.

You have to create and implement an online marketing strategy for a minimum period of one year. And you have to take full control of it yourself. Don’t outsource it unless you understand precisely what your outsourcing company is going to do for you.

The quickest way to loose money online is to reactively say “I think we should be advertising online. IT Department – Do some research and we’ll spend some money on an online Internet marketing campaign. ” If you do that, then the best thing that’s going to happen is that you loose some money. However, the worst that could happen is the blacklisting of your domain name with several search engines.

If you outsource your Internet Marketing to an online marketing shark then you’re going to get eaten. Yes, your website will start climbing the search engines for a few weeks - but as soon as the search engines find out that links to your site are appearing on other sites that aren’t relevant or that your website is responsible for sending lots of spam emailed to people from all over the world then you’ll start getting banned quicker than you can say BAN!

All these reasons and more mean that you have to take control of your own Internet marketing. Don’t leave your Internet Marketing to the IT department. It could mean the choice between getting to the top of the search engines and getting banned from the search engines. Do you really want that to happen? Do you know how serious that could be for your business? Be sensible about marketing your business online. Don’t do anything unless your first understand WHY.

David Bain is founder of the Internet Marketing Training company, . Purple Internet Marketing specialises in Internet Marketing Training.


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