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It’s amazing just how many computer users are blissfully unaware that there systems have been infected with Spyware. Perhaps more alarmingly is that your personal data could be being leaked to a third party right now as you read this article, and all without your knowledge or consent.

Spyware, in case you’re unfamiliar with the term is a nasty computer program deliberately written to spy on your Internet browsing habits, and in it’s worst disguise will render your Internet and sometimes your computer total useless. It’s almost certain, that if you download or install a lot of software from the Internet that your computer will be infected with Spyware of some form.

Take a look below for tell-tale possible symptoms of possible Spyware infections.

  • Your computer runs extremely slowly.

  • The Internet appears very slow.

  • Your Browser keeps redirecting you to WebPages you didn’t request.

  • You receive a lot of returned email from unknown addresses

  • Your Homepage isn’t the Webpage you selected.

  • Your financial security may have been recently comprised.

    So how is Spyware able cause so much damage to your computer? Well, the short-term answer is because you actually install the software and thereby unknowingly give consent for the program to exist on your system. Spyware is normally amalgamated within a program that you intentionally download. Thereby, when you install your intended program you also install the Spyware program too.

    Unfortunately, you cannot rely on your trusty Anti Virus Software to remove the Spyware either. Most AVS will simply move past these parasites and accept them as bonafide programs.

    The good news is that there are programs available on the Internet that specifically target Spyware, and will in most cases remove it from your computer altogether. They work much like an Anti Virus program would, by scanning your hard drive for possible signs of infection, and then remove or quarantine any Spyware that’s discovered.

    Even if you think your computer is running just fine, you’d be well advised to run a Spyware utility program anyway. In fact, you should place checking for Spyware as high a priority as you would for Virus scanning. The longer you leave your computer open to these forms of attacks without proper protection, the greater the chances of your computer, and possibly your financial security being compromised.

    Don’t delay; make sure you scan your computer for Spyware today!

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