Internet Presence - How to Slash Google Adword Cost By 80% In 3 Months

Ron Bates

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Establishing and/or increasing your visible Internet presence is easier than most SEO experts would want you to believe. Increasing hit traffic to your site and ranking higher in Google also does not have to be a costly endeavor. You also don't need to be a technical wiz-kid to realize the results you're looking to achieve.

I recently read a blog post by Nazir Daud where he discussed how he slashed his Google Adwords cost by 80% in 3 months by taking advantage of some very simply principles.

David implemented the same simply principles that I've discussed in previous Internet presence articles.

He published lots of keyword rich content, containing links back to his homepage, on a highly trafficed professional networking site that has a lot of constantly changing blog content. He also leveraged the ability to post in the site's “marketplace".

As a result, Google indexes all of the content, and links back to his homepage, and drives the ranking of his homepage consistently higher by creating keyword associations with those links.

Note, this is not about simply creating and publishing content anywhere on the Internet.

The key is publishing content on a highly trafficed professional networking site that has a lot of constantly changing blog content. Why? Because Google loves these sites. Content on sites like this consistently rank higher than other content in Google.

More importantly, links to other sites are also indexed by Google, and as a result of being found on a highly trafficed professional networking site that has a lot of constantly changing blog content, the content behind those links are also driven higher in ranking.

After only 3 months of effort in a highly competitive space, Nazir goes on to explain that 80% of his traffic is free and his home page has a Google ranking of 4.

You can read in detail about how to implement these simple principles in my Internet Presence: Case Study - Recipe for Success. This case study discusses how I drove the home page of Search Advantage to the first page of Google in 30 days against the keyword phrase: Internet Presence

The great thing about all of this is you don't have to be a technologist or an SEO expert to implement any of it. Anyone can build a visible Internet presence. These principles are extremely powerful way to drive any content higher in search engine ranking against associated keyword phrases. This applies not only to keyword phrases associated with your business offerings, but it also applies to the very special keyword phrase that is your name.

What's even better is that the cost associated with this is simply the price of membership on a highly trafficed professional networking site that has a lot of constantly changing blog content. Compared to the costs associated with Google Adwords, this is about as close to free as you can get.

Whether you are simply trying to create more visible to for your business, or you are trying to create more visibility for yourself as a business professional, there isn't a business or business professional on the planet that wouldn't benefit from a more visible Internet presence.

Ron Bates is an expert in mission critical retained executive search. He is a Managing Principal with the retained executive search firm Executive Advantage Group, Inc. He has delivered personal executive coaching projects to former SAP, E&Y, Oracle, and WorldCom Exec's responsible for multi-billion dollar business units, and co-founded , a self guided job search oriented executive coaching process.

With +27,000 direct contacts on on-line professional networking platforms, Ron has been referred to as “the most connected man on Earth". View Ron’s networking profile on Ecademy.

As a recognized expert in building an on-line personal Internet presence, Ron has been an invited speaker at venues such as the Marketing Executive Networking Group, British America Business Council, Expert Connections, and is a regular guest on Netshare’s “Ask the Coach”.

Internet Presence: Case Study - Recipe for Success

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