How To Make Money Online Fast Selling To Boring People

Michael Senoff

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Boring people are good people too.

It seems that every day I get a call from someone looking for advice on how to make money on the Internet.

They have goals, great goals, but they are lost. They can't figure out what to sell.

They ask things like, “What can I sell? What's a good thing to sell? What's hot?" And every single time I tell them the same thing:

You are doing it backwards. Instead of messing around trying to find a product to sell, you need to first find a good market to sell to – a hungry market. Once you've found that hungry market, getting the product is easy. Once you know what a market already wants, then it is a simple matter of getting it to them.

The only problem is that once they do those steps, they many times fall into wanting to sell to markets that are already saturated. For example, the weight loss market, or the Internet marketing market (it seems everyone has an eBook on how to make money online).

But I always suggest doing the opposite.

I always urge people to find a. . . well. . . "unsexy" market. Perhaps you would call it a boring market. What I'm talking about is finding a market that is huge and flush with cash, but is not all that exciting.

Let's take the parenting market as an example. That's a pretty good market. I mean everyone has a hard time with their kids and might possibly spend some money for some advice or solutions that would make their lives easier. Another one that is huge, and even desperate for answers, is the growing number of people looking for care for their aging parents.

When someone gets a debilitating disease and can't fend for themselves, they will do anything or pay anything just to get some help and keep their dignity.

Those are just a couple examples.

There are so many different markets. There are just millions of them.

You've got to come up with one that is hungry with a real need and where there is money to spend.

Just remember, the market you sell to doesn't have to be sexy and it doesn't have to be exciting. It just has to be big, passionate and filled with people who are not afraid to spend money.

And if you go for the “boring" ones, you will find less competition and an environment where it is easier to make money.

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