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Are you struggling to find out how to create your own products? If so, I have great news, there are many ways you can easily go about starting your own product. Here are a few simple ways to create your own product:

1. E-books

You can either write it yourself or if you have enough money, you can hire ghostwriters. If you’re too lazy to write it yourself or don’t have enough money to hire someone, you can interview a few experts in your specific topic.

Get some experts in your field ask them questions and concerns you see a lot of people have. Compile their expert advice in your e-book and presto! Your first e-book is made! Or even better, if you find a few articles that you find very useful, get the author’s permission to compile it into your e-book.

2. Audios with mp3 downloads or CDs

Same thing here, you can interview a few experts and record your conversation with them. Or if you want, you can read your own e-book and record it in an mp3 file.

You can also have a teleseminar and have a conversation with your expert friends on your topic, record it and you instantly have an audio product. This doesn’t have to be professional or produced in a studio, as long as the information is valuable.

And after that, you can also have your conversation transcribed and have another e-book.

3. Affiliate programs

With this one, you don’t even need to make your own product. Someone else has already created the product, all you have to do is to market the product and sell it and you get a percentage of the commission!

The best part of affiliate programs is that a lot of them are free to join! There are some that require you to buy their product first, but it’s your choice.

4. Resale rights

With this method, you already have a product already made for you, kind of like affiliate programs. But with resale rights, you need to put up money up front in order to legally gain the rights to re-sell the product.

The good thing is that you get to keep 100% of the commission for each unit you sell for as long as the agreement allows. Let’s say you purchase the resale rights from a hot selling product for $600 and decide to sell each copy for $200.

All you need to do is sell 3 copies and you break even. But if you sell 10 more, you’ll gain $2000 in profit!

5. Coaching If you are really good at something or excel at it, this may be a great way for you. Coaching has high perceived value and you can dramatically make a difference in your income and your client’s life by giving them great information and steps on how to apply it.

You can physically visit your clients (depending on your service), or if physically being there is too much of a hassle for you, there are alternative ways.

For example, if physically being there isn’t absolutely necessary, you can set conduct your coaching program over the phone, email messages, or live videos over the internet.

If you haven’t started making money online because you didn’t have a product available, use some of the simple ideas I presented and get started. You no longer have a valid excuse!

Alan Quan is a certified Internet Coaching Empire coach and specializes in helping people build their own successful internet marketing business. Visit his website at and find out how he can help you to quickly accomplish your goals and boost your internet profits.


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