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Sean Mize

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Your online and internet marketing journey can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever be involved in. But if you do not manage your time, money, and life, it can be quite frustrating.

We have all seen the get rich quick ads. We should all know they do not work. We have probably all seen that there are people online who make $5000 their first month. And some people do. But most do not.

1) The truly successful online are long-term thinkers. They are in business online for the long haul. They make decisions based on the long-term implications of their actions, not the short term windfall.

2) The truly successful online create products for the future. They know that they cannot forever ride someone else’s coattails to success. I really believe that you must personally create to be genuinely successful online. Sure, they are a few affiliate marketing success stories, but I think that across the board, the long-term money is in your own product.

3) The truly successful online can manage their time. To be successful, you have to actually work at it. And it is so easy online to think you are working, studying, looking for information online, but after 3 hours, you realize you have only been surfing, consistently distracted. If this is a problem for you, do not leave the internet or your email open when working. Log in, check email, then log off to work. You will find yourself much more productive.

4) The truly successful online build lists of people who are interested in whatever their niche is. They know that a responsive list is one of the keys to internet riches.

5) The truly successful online learn to write. Whether they are writing articles, emails, or sales copy, they know that the value of being able to write effectively and persuasively is tantamount to increased earnings online.

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Sean Mize is an online author and internet marketer, and produces internet marketing training materials.


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Affiliate Business Internet Marketing - Tips to Start Your Own Online Business
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