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Joshua Spaulding

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When I started my first website, I started looking for as many article directories with high page rank as possible to submit my article to. It did not take long to realize that some lower page rank directories generated more traffic for my article, in turn generating more viewers to my site. While it is true that some of the most popular article directories provide great results, it is important to remember that page rank is not everything.

If you are a somewhat experienced Webmaster and you have been submitting articles for some time here is a good way to find these valuable, hidden article directories. Copy the title of a few of your older articles and do a google search. Most likely the top spot and possibly the second and third are from well established directories. Now think of all of the article directories that are out there. I would take a stab in the dark and say there are around fifty thousand of them. Now look at the rest of the results. If you use an article submitter service it is much easier to see my point. Say you submit your article to 200 directories. The first page of results probably shows a few directories that you have never even heard of. These are the valuable, secret directories.

So how do they provide such great results? They do this my optimizing their site. Here are a few things you should look for in an article directory before you submit your article to it:

- Do the links in the signature block contain a no follow tag? If so, this is not the directory to submit to. A no follow tag will prevent your link from gaining page rank from the publishers page.

- Is the sitemap organized and complete? Check to see if all of the main categories are in the sitemap. Also be sure that at least a few of the subcategories of each main category are included. If the sitemap is not organized and complete google may not index the page that your article lands on for a while.

- Find out how many pages of the article directory google has indexed by doing a search query like this: site: If this number is over a couple thousands you should be ok. If it is under 1000 then this article directory make have indexing issues.

- Find out the last time the page was indexed by clicking on the cache option in the google toolbar. If the site has not been cached for weeks then it may not be frequently updated. You should not base your decision whether to submit your article to the directory off of this alone. This is just something to keep in mind.

Keep these tips in mind when you are looking for directories to submit your article to and your article marketing campaign is sure to be successful.

Joshua Spaulding is an author and webmaster providing webmaster the opportunity to raise their search engine placement by submitting to his Articles Directory with Free Website Content Joshua also provides free training on how to Make Money Online


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Article Submission Strategy - Read Before Your Submit Another Article!
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