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Although e-books have not yet surpassed the sale of hard copy books, they are certainly gaining rapid popularity. Even regular print books are turning up as e-books as an electronic alternative. E-books are electronic books – usually found in . pdf or . doc format – which are sold over the Internet and downloadable from websites. And if you haven’t considered e-books as a way to promote your business, now might be a good time to give it some thought.

In the last two months alone, I have been contracted to write more than thirty e-books, which is startling by itself. Ghostwriter friends have experienced the same phenomenon because business professionals are beginning to realize the power of the e-book.

Hiring an e-book ghostwriter serves several purposes:

(1) Advertising – Having one or two e-books circulating with your name (or company name) as the byline is great advertising, without seeming like an ad. People will begin to recognize your name in association with your industry, which is excellent publicity.

(2) Education – Hiring a ghostwriter to write your e-book allows you to effectively educate your clients (and potential clients). Offer valid, useful information in the e-book, and you’ll draw clients to your business like moths to a flame.

(3) Competition – E-books are popular, but they aren’t yet the norm. Chances are, 70% of your competition hasn’t gotten hip to the e-book age yet, which means you have a competitive advantage by starting now.

(4) Extra Income – E-books are priced between $3.00 and $30.00 on average, which means that you can make a significant side income. You can also offer promotional deals, such as giving away the first half for free, and the second half at cost.

There are scores of ways in which e-books can be utilized to further your career, attract clients and establish expertise. Not only that, but you don’t have to spend your valuable time writing an e-book. Hiring a ghostwriter to write your e-book saves time and costs much less than you would imagine.

Most ghostwriters charge between $300 and $1,000 to write an e-book, depending on the subject matter and the length. E-books are typically shorter than regular books, spanning between 5 and 100 pages. Some e-books, such as those found on Nolo.com, are in excess of 400 pages, but this isn’t the norm.

You can find e-book ghostwriters by googling “Ghostwriters" on the Internet, or you can check your local yellow pages. Another great way is through a referral system; as colleagues and friends if they have ever used a ghostwriter. That way you know of a satisfied customer and are guaranteed a satisfactory product.

Just make sure that you provide your ghostwriter with adequate information that you want included in the e-book. Industry tips, marketing advantages and other insider information will be things that the ghostwriter might not already know. Extensive research might add to the price, so offer up any resources you have at your disposal.

Laura J. College is a professional ghostwriter with more than ten years’ experience writing fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. Her work can be found all over the Internet, and she is currently accepting ghostwriting clients. Check out her website at http://www.laurajcollege.com .


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