How Email Almost Destroyed My Business


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If you don’t know what a support ticket software is, and you’ve used email to market and support your customers in the past, you’ll surely be able to relate to the story of how email communication almost destroyed my business and left me shaking my hat for nickels on the city.

Just like anyone else, I started my online business with hard work and dedication. Worked very hard for a long time without seeing results, until after a while, I started to see that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

I started to successfully build a list of customers. I was not using any kind of support ticket software that would help manage the way I communicated with them. I just trusted good ‘ol email to talk to them, no management software or anything like that which I though was “fancy”.

Very soon, as I started to get more customers, I started getting more support questions and I started to work harder to keep my customers informed. At the same time something I didn’t expect started happening: Even though I was spending several hours everyday answering all the questions I received, I started to get all these emails from those same customers complaining how I wasn’t responding to their support emails.

I don’t know about you, but when you’re going the extra mile for your customers, giving them the best support you can, it becomes something very frustrating to know that they are not receiving it. I remember being very upset (to use a nice word) with the spam filters because it was making me lose a lot of money by getting refunds from customers that I just couldn’t reach.

I tried every solution in the book. I tried tweaking my email settings, changing servers, having customers sign up from two different email addresses, and I would still get the same problem like a broken record. I didn’t even think a support ticket software could help me.

One day, I remember having a customer who was pretty upset because he though I wasn’t responding to his emails. I called him up and walked him through his questions and apologized because although I was answering his support issues, it was fundamentally my fault for not using a better delivery system to respond to him.

That’s when I decided something needed to be done. I needed to change the way I managed my support. I decided to get a support ticket software that would make the entire process of responding to my customers much easier.

After I’ve made the switch, I can honestly tell you that life is much easier. No email is involved (customer submit tickets instead), and the one software I use even has a database with a FAQ that has reduced a lot of the support questions I used to get over and over.

If you sell a product online or have a website that gets a several visitors a day, chances are you get the same questions asked more than one time. If you want to make your life easier be sure to check out some of the solutions that are out there that will free up your time and allow you to focus on growing your business while keeping your customers happy.

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