How to Find What is Popular to Sell Online

Sean Mize

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You must find out what is popular. How many times have you seen someone create a product, thinking that it will sell really well, and the only person that buys it is their family, and then only because they feel for the guy?

Before you begin to create a product, make absolutely sure that it is needed and that people are willing to pay for it.

There are many things you can do to help you gauge response for an as-yet-uncreated product.

One thing you can do is use a keyword tool like the one Overture uses to determine how many people are searching for that term on a monthly basis.

Another thing you can do is search the type of product on Clickbank, to see how many products are available and how much of the existing ones sell. If your product is truly unique, you may have to look at similar products. Are people buying similar products? If they are, what makes yours different? Is yours better, easier to use, does it have more features?

Go to all the online forums that have anything to do with your topic and ask people what they are looking for. Ask them what types of products they are interested in, and then create that type of product.

Create a mock sales page, put a link in it that goes to a page that offers to send a notice when the product is finished. How many clicks do you get?

Sometimes you simply have to get creative. And these ideas generally will not give you an answer all by themselves. You probably will need to take into account all the ideas above, and see if each method points you to similar results.

Then go out and create your product. One of the most debilitating things on the internet is lack of action. You can talk and dream and scheme, but until you actually begin to create and work, you will gain nothing online.

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Researching Popular Items to Sell on eBay
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