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Well written articles will quickly get picked up by other webmasters or newsletter owners. To make sure your articles will be among the ones which get used, you should at least stick to the following 7 rules.

1. Use a Killer Headline (Title). The first thing that gets noticed about your article is your Title, on most pages the only thing which gets publiced is the title of your article with a short introduction (teaser). To get visitors to read your whole article you need to make sure that the titel will get them curious. Titles which include: How to's, Learn Today, Find Out, You Can, Start Earning, Top Ten Tested, have proven themselves to be effective.

The human behaviour is reasonably simple, we are always looking for easy ways to achieve our goals, we want to learn from the “so called" experts, why not make use of this behaviour?

2. Create a separate Teaser (Introduction). I mentioned above that a lot of webmasters will only place the title and introduction of your article on a webpage, together with several other articles. People visiting these pages can then click a link to read the rest of your article. The teaser will achieve the same as a Killer headline, it will lure the reader into reading the rest of your article including the resource box (One of the main reasons to write articles).

3. Do Your Research to Find a Subject. A lot of online home business owners often come to me with the #1 excuse not to write articles… I don't know what subject to write about.

There is a very simple solution to this problem.

Let's say your home business involves gardening “. Find yourself a couple of forums (discussion boards) about gardening, check out the most visited threads in that forum, and see which problems they discuss.

Choose one of these problems as your subject and write an article offering a solution. Wouldn't you agree that this article would be of great value to anybody experiencing a similar problem? You could become an expert writing just one article!!

4. Use Keywords in Your Articles. You have to integrate keywords into your articles. Place that keyword in your title, in your teaser, and use it again once every two paragraphs. It has to look natural. If needed you can replace it by similar keywords with similar meaning.


Search engines rank your article content according to keywords.

Targeted readers use search engines to find information using keywords.

and probably the most important one.

Webmasters who use articles as content on their websites often do this to monetize with Google AdSense. A lot of webmasters won't use articles that don't adequately use keywords. Webmasters know that keywords provide better AdSense revenue.

5. Make Sure to Keep it Simple. Some article writers make a very common mistake which you should avoid at all times.

Making your articles to complicated.

Because of your knowledge about the subject, your article can easily become to complicated for the average joe who gets to read it. When explaining something in your articles you might almost want to write it like you explain something to a 10 year old kid.

6. Be Entertaining not Boring. Your article might have a boring subject as a bases but you have to make sure to create entertaining reading material. Make sure to keep your paragraphs short and direct, write as you where writing to one person instead of perhaps thousands and spice up your articles with a quote or a funny remark.

That way you will not only proof to be an expert on the subject, but people will also feel more connected with you as a person since you make them feel good. Imagine what will happen once they visit your web site.

7. Always Include Your Resource Box. At the end of your article you should include your resource box. It will give you the opportunity to advertise, write some strong lines about yourself and your web site and make sure to include links to your website or newsletter.

Some of the places where you submit your article will let you use HTML for your resource box. With the search engines using the links in your articles as one way links to your website, I would advice you to use different keywords every so often. That way your webpages will steadily get ranked higher for the keywords you use.

With these tips as a guideline on how to write an article you should have no problems to get in there and amaze the world.

As one of the youngest regional managers ever in the U. K. Harrold Swalve already achieved one success story. After a couple of years in the online industry he again achieved great goals and successes. These days he is a well respected and much sought-after online business expert and recently he published another online business bestseller "Profit Shockdocs" . To learn more about how Harrold can help you achieve your goals with your online business, visit him and get your own Moneymaking at Home Business into high gear.


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