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Most people would define spam as unsolicited e-mail. They are e-mail messages which are mostly marketing schemes which crowd your Inbox. If you do not have an anti-spam software, you would have to sort through hundreds of junk mail before you can even get to read the e-mail messages which came from contacts whom you actually know.

This is not just time consuming but annoying as well. Some people even find it offensive when companies get a hold of their e-mail addresses and send them marketing correspondence through e-mail.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most common e-mail programs used by Windows users. There are a lot of anti-spam software which can work seamlessly with Outlook, and this is one way of filtering junk mail from going through your mailbox.

Take a look at some of the top-rated anti-spam software which would work well with your Outlook e-mail program:

- SPAMfighter for Outlook

SPAMfighter has teamed up with Microsoft to develop an anti-spam tool for Outlook and Outlook Express users. This is an easy to install tool which would get rid of spam from littering your Inbox.

This is how it works: Once a new e-mail message shows up on your Inbox, it is tested by SPAMfighter. The tool has a feature which automatically detects spam, and if the message sent is considered to be junk mail, it goes straight to your spam folder.

There is also an option where once you click a button, spam mail is removed from the mailbox of other SPAMfighter users in over 200 countries.

It works seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. The good thing about this tool is that you can help other online users by reporting spam once you receive it, and as soon as it is reported, the same message which will litter another Inbox will also be removed.

This tool comes in two versions, the SPAMfighter Pro and SPAMfighter Standard.

- CA Anti-spam Software for Outlook

CA, which is formerly known as Qurb anti-spam software, can also be integrated with Outlook. The application is now known as eTrust Anti-Spam which aims to stop all spam messages from even reaching your Inbox. As soon as eTrust Anti-spam is installed, it will work so well with Outlook or Outlook Express that you would think that it is a feature of your e-mail client.

- Norton Anti-Spam Software

Norton is one of the more popular anti-virus software. Their Norton Anti-Spam program filters your mailbox on several levels and it works well with Outlook and Outlook Express. Another feature of this program is blocking pop-up advertisements.

- Anti-Spam 1.3 for Outlook

Any version of Anti-Spam for Outlook will remove more than 90% of spam on your mailbox. With this application, you can train the software to classify the messages on your Inbox as ‘spam’ or ‘friend’. After some time, it will be automatically configured and will instantly classify your messages as junk or something that should show up on your Inbox.

Here are other anti-spam software that you can use seamlessly with Outlook:

-Cloudmark Safety Bar

-SpamBayes Outlook Add-in


-Ella for Spam Control

-Outlook Spam Filter

-Trend Micro Anti-Spam Pilot

These applications will do the job for you by sifting through the hundreds of spam mail that you receive everyday so that you can have a spam-free, uncluttered mailbox.

Dave Poon is an accomplished writer who specializes in the latest in Internet Safety. For more information regarding Anti Spam Outlook please drop by at http://www.bye-bye-spam.com/


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