eBay Auction Home Business Tutorial: You've Got To Tell Them To Sell Them


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In past eBay auction tutorials, we've talked about deciding what you are going to sell, how to price it, and how to present it to the potential buyer in a professional manner.

You want to check your spelling before posting, and you want to come up with a price that is neither too high nor too low. And when you've made those decisions - “you've got to tell them to sell them!"

Tell them what, you ask? The benefits they'll reap by purchasing your product. What you do not want to do is just list the features of your products. Features don't sell - benefits do!

Look at it this way - when it comes to the air conditioning unit in your car, do you care about the technical aspects? No. You care about the benefit of having air conditioning, not the details! We all buy things for the potential benefits, and you've got to keep that in mind when you're writing your eBay ad copy.

For example, let's say you've decided to sell an ebook with 50 of your favorite pie recipes. When you start writing your item description, you don't want to just list the different pie recipes in your ebook. Could there be anything more boring than a list of pies? You need to describe how the purchaser will benefit - something like “imagine how you'll feel when you serve your family this delicious pie!"

It's one thing to catch a buyer's eye. It's another thing to keep it. Once the average buyer clicks on an eBay item title, they're going to spend about 10 seconds looking at your item description. You don't have time to waste. Grab their attention with an interesting item title and subtitle, and then keep it by telling the buyer how they'll benefit from buying your item. After all, you're on eBay to sell and they're on eBay to buy - and “you've got to tell ‘em to sell ‘em"!

Chris Bryant is an eight-year veteran of eBay, and he wants eBay to change your life for the better just as it’s done for him! Visit http://www.freeebayauctiontutorials.com for his latest FREE eBay and eBay auction tutorial! Learn how to make money on eBay. It’s easier than you think!


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