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The origin of Computer Viruses is unknown, but it was there from the beginning of the Internet. Computer Viruses are nothing but special program created to harm a group of Computer Systems, which are infected by them. Like natural Viruses, these Computer Viruses are created with the capability of infecting other computers, which are connected to the infected machine.

There are many variants of Viruses such as Worms, Trojan horse, Email Viruses etc. Damage caused by these Viruses varies from Virus to Virus. Trojan horse viruses are capable to transmitting your personal information to another system. Let us review some tips to enhance your computer security.

Increase your System Protection Level. This can be done from Control Panel, Internet Option. Select the Security tab. If you want a higher security select Custom Level and set different options available such as disabling Active X controls, Java Applet and so on.

Many viruses come in disguised format. You can't just delete the Virus program from the File Manager. This makes it difficult to find out which viruses affected our system. A best option to avert these Virus attacks is installing a good Anti Virus software. By installing a good Anti-Virus software and turning it's auto protection on, you will be alerted when a Computer Virus strikes your system. Regularly scan your system with the Scanning tools that comes along with the software. As new computer viruses are being generated daily, you need to update these Anti Virus software regularly from vendor's site.

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How To Get Rid Of Viruses
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