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Audrey Okaneko

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I want to share a story. Last week I became aware that I was out of return address labels. Instead of waiting until Sundays paper came and grabbing the insert offering this item, I decided to look online and find return address labels.

I went to Google and did a search for “return address labels". I clicked on the very first site listed. When I got there, I had no idea from their front page what they were selling. I scanned the page, did not see return address labels and so returned to Google. In order for this site to have been number one on Google, they had to have used “return address labels” somewhere in their site, but their front page did not have these 3 words listed there. Back on Google, I clicked on the link to the right, figuring someone paid money to be listed there. What I was looking for was the cheap 500 to a roll return address labels. When I got to this new site, the site someone paid to have listed under “return address labels” they had 6 pictures on the front page, all very fancy labels and quite pricy for what I was seeking. I did a quick scan of the page and did not see where I should click to find just inexpensive rolls of labels. Once again, I left the site.

So, it was back to Google, where I finally clicked on a page half way down the page, listed about 50 on Google and right there on the front page, I saw exactly what I wanted. I placed the order.

While it's wonderful to have your page on top, to be number one, if you don't have what the customer wants, they will click off. One thousand hits with no sales defeats the purpose of driving traffic to your website. Traffic does not equal sales. That site with the 6 photos would have done better to select a niche market and optimize for those keywords versus a generic “return address labels”

Choosing your keywords is important. Make choices that truly reflect what you are offering. Remember you can select different keywords for every page on your site. Choose the words that best suit the one page you are working on.

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