How To Start A Business On The Internet To Make Money

Sylvia White

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Every one that needs to earn a living would like to own their own business the Internet provides that solution for millions of people who otherwise would never have a hope of doing so.

How to Start a Business on the Internet to Make Money will provide you with some idea on what lies ahead.

To make money on the Internet is easy, and hard, no I am not contradicting myself I will explain why it is both as we move on.

I am writing this in simple terms so everyone can understand it, there will be no technical terms or big words that are hard to understand, It is one failing that many webmasters or tutors are guilty of they believe that everyone understands the website language, but as far as I am concerned if you are just starting a business then it is more than likely you have not been in the business world for long so we will make it as easy as possible.

One good factor about starting a business on the Internet is that you do not need loads of money, in fact if you do not have money to spare you can start without a single cent to your name, that is something else we will lead up to.

Let us start with what I believe for many newcomers and beginners is the hard part so you know what to expect when you start to build your business.

 Advertising plays a very large part for anyone who has their own business it can mean the difference between success and failure.

Whatever your business is if no one sees it then it will fail so advertising plays a very important part if you are to become successful.

I call this the hard part as it can take a lot of work unless you are in the position to pay for advertising.

If you can afford to pay for advertising then it will prove no problem as there are hundreds of places that will advertise your business some can run expensive and others quite reasonable, it mainly depends on how successful and well known the site is that you advertise on.

Money is the crux of the matter if you have none then the work begins here.

Free advertising is one of the answers. All over the internet you will find websites that allow you to place your adverts and it is entirely free, the only drawback with free advertising is that it takes a lot of work and the results do not reflect the work you put into it.

But it can work if you go about it the right way. First of all you will be required to join each website that allows free advertising, if you download Roboform or the Google toolbar this will remove a lot of the effort of filling in your details every time.

When you use free advertising you must join as many as you can and start posting at least twenty to thirty ads each day or as many as you possibly can in the time you have available.

Do not expect quick results with free advertising but it will work if you are patient. It is advisable to open a new email account to use with your free advertising as you will receive a lot of scam mail.

Your ads will reflect your business so make them short but as explosive as possible, it is no use placing an ad saying (Join my Business ) take some time and work out something that seems to leap from the page, then look at it from your own point of view if you came across it would it interest you, would you want to learn more about it ?

If it looks good to you then start placing the ad. Start experimenting with different ads word them differently and if need be take a look through a Thesaurus to find other words that jump out at you.

It takes time but this business could be your livelihood so if you are going to do the job do it well.

Now we come to another way of advertising this is the one I recommend but this requires even more time and patience when you are starting from scratch.

Your own website is the real key to success but it does require a lot of work as a website needs traffic and that is where the work comes in.

If you have the money my advice is to purchase a domain name and also the hosting as you will be doing a lot of work with your website and spending a lot of time on it. Again if you do not have the money to do this then a free websites is the answer.

The only downside here is that if your website becomes successful the webmaster providing the hosting can easily remove your site and it will be lost forever.

This can happen if you start getting lots of traffic and your site uses too much bandwidth. You can get over this problem by starting off with a free site and as soon as you start making money then purchase your hosting and transfer all your information to your new website but keep the same domain name.

You now have your website but it won't do anything but sit on the internet almost unseen unless you begin your campaign to bring it into the searches and to receive traffic.

Your first job is to optimise your website, this means to ad keywords, meta tags, and a few other tags so Google and other search engines will find your site.

You will also need to start a linking campaign, this means you must ask other webmasters to exchange links with your website.

Linking is an ongoing job, after four years I still ad links to my website. Fresh content and new pages is also an ongoing job some websites have thousands of pages usually they have employees who work at this continually.

Although this sounds rather off putting you will find it enjoyable and by far the best way to advertise as if you require affiliates for your business you can have dozens of people signing up every week.

And now we come to How to Make Money Online or what business to start.

There are various business ideas and one of the easiest which needs no advertising and does not need a website is Surveys, this is giving your opinion on various products you choose an answer or name what product you use yourself. It is simple and you can earn a full time income with them, this business is ideal for people like stay at home moms who only have short periods of time to work in.

Another way of starting a business is by purchasing an e-book that allows you to resell it you can then start your business off by selling e-books, everyone loves information and if the information in your e-book is good it could sell like hotcakes, this does require advertising. Once you get your business up and running you could even write your own e-books to ad to your list.

An affiliate program that gives reciprocal income is an excellent business. Reciprocal income means income that comes from your down line and will continue to be paid even when you retire from the business, this also needs advertising but if you are thinking of long term and retiring from work to make money from home this is a good option.

These are the three main types of programs that you will find online, there are others but most are not suitable if you are looking for a serious income.

And now the easiest of all ways to make money on the internet. It requires a website that is receiving traffic or I should say will be receiving traffic. The only work you will have here is the work you do on your website, you place other peoples business opportunities on your site and get paid from them.

Google Adsense is an excellent earner and should have pride of place on your site or there are many like it such as Yahoo ads and others, but you only use one of the click programs as they do not like competition. the rest of your site can be filled with other business opportunities and/or articles, as you progress you will find many ways to make your website interesting and the success it needs to be.

Never start a business with the expectation of receiving an income in the first month or two this rarely happens, it takes time to build your business so patience is required.

Just remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and it is very unlikely your business will be.

Sylvia White is a Work at Home Business Mentor also author and webmaster of


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