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Articles about or concerning Workers' Compensation Insurance, Work Injury Claims, On-the-Job Injuries.
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How you can Benefit from Worker Compensation Fraud Investigators

 James Darrel (June 10, 2014)  Workers compensation frauds have become a common issue that gives rise to different types of corporate issues these days. In some cases such activities continue for years together and people fail to notice the cases. When a large group of workers are involved, the traces can be covered up such as financial reports, tax evasion, money laundering. It is in these cases, you must get in .. (Workers Compensation)

Who Requires Employers’ Liability Insurance and Know How it Helps

 Philip Knight (November 07, 2012)  Every employer is responsible for the health and safety of the employees while they are at work. His primary duty is to establish a safe working environment so as to prevent workplace accidents. Despite taking appropriate preventive measures, if any employee gets injured, the injured has all the rights to sue the employer making him legally liable for the injury. In such cases, the .. (Workers Compensation)

Types of Workmans Comp Coverage

 Deanie Canales (July 11, 2012)  Workman’s comp benefits often include medical care, rehab expenses and disability to compensate for lost wages. An employee who has acquired a work related injury may receive benefits through their employer's workers’ compensation insurance assuming the injury fits the right criteria and the employer’s coverage is with a respectable carrier. In unfortunate .. (Workers Compensation)

How Important Is a Workers Comp Insurance Plan

 Frank Rodriguez (October 05, 2011)  Although most employers try their best to ensure that the places and settings where their employees perform their jobs and carry out specific tasks that are assigned to them, accidents are still among those things that may find its way in every once in a while. And since it is very important for every person to have his well-being duly looked after and secured within the job, it is .. (Workers Compensation)

Why Dentists Should Carry Worker's Compensation Insurance

 Maria Palma (June 14, 2011)  As a dentist, it takes a great deal of work and dedication to provide the best for your patients. What many people don’t understand is that there is indeed a difference in the quality of care that dentists can offer. Yet, just as it is important to take care of patients, it is equally as important to take care of your employees when they get hurt on the job. So, why should .. (Workers Compensation)

General Public Liability Insurance

 Jenny Pilley (November 18, 2010)  For the construction and building trade in particular, there is always the chance that an unfortunate accident may be just around the corner. For this reason, investing in public liability insurance should be a given as it can provide cover should you be the cause of any injury to a third party or damage to a third party’s property. With an array of cover options, one quote .. (Workers Compensation)

Workers' Compensation Administration Services

 Chris S Walton (December 14, 2008)  Workers’ compensation administration services are one of the comprehensive services offered by PEOs or Professional Employer Organizations. Workers’ compensation refers to a type of insurance that involves providing medical care reimbursement for employees who have been injured while working in an organization. This is provided in exchange for the employee relinquishing the .. (Workers Compensation)

Whiplash Is a Real Pain

 Adam Ian Gill (November 18, 2008)  Most cases of whiplash are associated with car accidents where one car has crashed into the back of another. It is also possible to suffer whiplash as a result of collision during rugby or football, where a player has been hit hard from behind. The resulting impact from the collision impacts the flexibility of the cervical spine; the head is forced backward or forward and then whips .. (Workers Compensation)

Construction and Employee Leasing Services to the Rescue!

 Mike Burgelin (November 05, 2008)  If you're one of the thousands of contractors who are interested in taking your skills on the road to hurricane damaged areas, you know it's not as easy as loading up the truck with some tools, supplies and few of your buddies to go cash in on an opportunity. I've been talking to quite a few contractors lately who are interested in hurricane cleanup, but just don't know how to run .. (Workers Compensation)

Unemployment Insurance Payments

 Henry Dahut (November 05, 2008)  That depends on the law in your state. Usually, an employee who wasn't at fault for losing the job is eligible for unemployment insurance payments. For example, it isn't the employee's “fault" if the job was lost in a layoff. It might not be considered the employee's fault even if he or she decides to quit the job - if there was a good reason for quitting. But if an employee quits . (Workers Compensation)

Why Construction Employee Leasing Works!

 Mike Burgelin (October 16, 2008)  Business owners in the construction and trades industries enjoy the benefits employee leasing/ PEO services have to offer for three main reasons. Better access to workers’ compensation In virtually every state except Texas, workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory. Employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance on their employees. The problem is .. (Workers Compensation)

Who Provides For Medical Care and Wage Loss When You've Been Hurt in a Car Crash on the Job?

 James Dodson (September 19, 2008)  In our practice, we regularly see clients who have been involved in car or truck accidents while occupying their employers’ vehicle. Most people are confused about who is responsible for providing for their medical care and their rights of recovery. In some ways, it is analogous to having two separate claims running on parallel tracks, although the rights of recovery do not .. (Workers Compensation)

Legal Way to Avoid Workers Compensation - Simple and Lucrative

 Joe Crawford (September 16, 2008)  Workers compensation is a must if you have employees. There are a number of ways to avoid workers compensation. While not having any employees is one of them we'll touch on that latter. Workers compensation is one of the largest bills many employers will pay. With workers comp audits and lack of planning comp insurance can equal the payroll budget. Talking with a commercial .. (Workers Compensation)

If You Are Suffering From an Asbestos Related Illness You May Be Able to Claim For Compensation

 Paul Barry (September 12, 2008)  Asbestos was extensively used as a building material in Great Britain from the 1950's through to the mid 1980's. Its main purpose was to be used as insulation. Any type of building built before 2000 has the chance of containing asbestos; if however the asbestos is in good condition you are safe, it is when the fibres of asbestos become airborne then you have to worry; this happens when .. (Workers Compensation)

Texas Workers Compensation - New Certified Networks

 Michele Graham (August 19, 2008)  New workers comp laws in Texas have some healthcare professionals changing the way they practice medicine and the injured workers are caught in the middle. Early in 2006, the Texas Workers Comp legislation made extreme changes from their past operational methods. Certified networks have been established, affording better discounts for employers and insurance carriers. Healthcare .. (Workers Compensation)

Workers Compensation - A People Business

 Kim Doran (August 11, 2008)  Workers compensation is a “people business. " This concept is simple to say but, too often, difficult to execute - especially given our reliance on technology and mass communications. One workers compensation provider offers insight thanks to their specialized expertise in workers compensation. Key Risk maintains its sole focus on workers compensation while the industry leans .. (Workers Compensation)

Florida, West Virginia and Worker's Compensation Insurance

 Alan Rahab (August 01, 2008)  For many employers, worker's compensation insurance isn't as much of an issue because so many of their employees work at a desk. Sure, there might be some risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, but for the most part desk workers won't get seriously injured from their jobs. But what about employees who work in construction and mining, industries that are quite prevalent in Florida and West .. (Workers Compensation)

Workers Compensation Insurance As Employee Benefit

 Sam Peter (July 24, 2008)  Employers have a legal and a moral responsibility to provide their employees safety at their workplaces. But despite the best of safety measures in place, accidents cannot be totally eliminated and they can, at best, be minimized. It is the responsibility of an employer to maintain a safe workplace, have workers compensation insurance covering his employees and protect the workers from .. (Workers Compensation)

Workers Compensation Law and Its Nuances

 John J Page (July 13, 2008)  Workers’ compensation claims are relatively simple to understand in principle. Basically, employees are automatically provided certain types of compensation for injuries sustained in the course of work, and employers are assured in knowing how much they will have to spend without ever worrying about future court and legal expenses. However, workers’ compensation claims are .. (Workers Compensation)

Compare Liability Insurance

 Steve Brig (June 16, 2008)  Liability insurance cover is usually attached to employers and organisations In many countries it a legal requirement that a business is covered with a liability insurance policy. The cover is a safeguard against costs and claims incurred by an employer for injuries and damages to an employee during work time and or a social gathering. Companies operating in most countries are legally .. (Workers Compensation)

Workers' Compensation Fraud Can Really Cost You

 Mike Burgelin (May 29, 2008)  There are risks of injuries on the job that range from a paper cut to loss of a limb. When an accident occurs in a workplace, employees fill out a report to submit a workers’ compensation claim. Most claims that are filed are legitimate and will pay for an employee's damages. Sometimes, though, dishonest workers make an exaggerated claim or say that an injury was work-related when . (Workers Compensation)

Resolving An On-the-Job Injury - Steps For Railroad Workers To Take

 Joseph Devine (March 18, 2008)  The railroad is a dangerous place to work. According to the Federal Railroad Administration's Office of Safety Analysis, in 2007, there were over 5,000 accidents or incidents involving railroad employees on duty, causing 16 deaths and thousands of injuries. There are countless ways for a railroad employee to get hurt, including heavy objects, faulty equipment, slips and falls, exposure .. (Workers Compensation)

Workplace As A Place of Accidents

 Idalia Luczak (January 07, 2008)  No matter what type of work are you doing the accident might always happen to you. Of course there are some occupies that are more likely to be dangerous. But why do accidents happen at all? And is there such thing as “safety culture" at workplace? No matter what type of work are you doing the accident might always happen to you. Of course there are some occupies that are more .. (Workers Compensation)

Tips to Keep in Mind while Shopping for Personal Insurance

 Mara Bateman (June 16, 2007)  We have heard so many times before that death, like taxes, is certain in life. No matter how morbid you might feel about it, death is an inevitable subject one way or another. If, for instance, you have somebody depending on you and you ask yourself this question: “Will that somebody have financial problems if I suddenly die?", you may actually be thinking about getting a personal . (Workers Compensation)

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