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Power Boat Insurance - The Necessity of Boating Life


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Are you thinking of buying a boat? Do you already own a boat? When figuring out the total costs of your investment don’t forget about power boat insurance. If you are trying to avoid this purchase, Don’t! Your finance company will make it next to impossible to go with out it and they will demand that you have it, especially if you use it as collateral.

You should always purchase power boat insurance. It is a necessary cost of owning a power boat and the responsible thing to do. It can, in the long or even short run, save you money.

The power boat insurance world can be a complex one. It is basically an unregulated industry varying from state to state. If you have an incomplete understanding of if, it can lead to serious mistakes that could have been avoided if you devoted enough time in examining the various aspects of you, your boat, and by researching the company you are thinking of doing business with.

Be aware! Not all boats are created equal in the eyes of an insurance company.

Power boat insurance can range in accordance with the materials of the boat, the wooden boats increasing rates, and of course the type of boat. I hope you’re not surprised when I tell you that racing power boats will command a higher insurance rate.

You will also find that it will be necessary to check out the insurance company and their records. This can be done by checking out the company’s credentials with state agencies or visiting your local Better Business Bureau. If you already have a car or house policy with a company, find out their power boat insurance rates and policies.

In order to help you choose what policy you will want to go with and which power boat insurance company to consider, read and understand each companies policy. Will the policy offer comprehensive coverage? Many times after a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado, many boats were abandoned by their owners because their insurance policy did not provide them with even the money needed to salvage their boats. So be aware of this.

You need to realize that there are various degrees of coverage and make sure to ask questions on what is and what is not covered. If you have a fuel spill are you covered? If you sail off shore, are you covered? Does your policy allow for third person liability coverage? If that person is driving your boat and they have an accident, who is going to pay for the damages to the boat, to the other boat or object, and to the people who were involved? Can the power boat insurance company you are asking provide concrete answers? Is it evasive? Make sure to listen carefully and consider which company provides the best coverage

Another important factor in power boat insurance is figuring out the value of your boat. An insurance company can provide you with a policy directed towards the agreed-upon true value or the actual cash value. This agreed value will cover the replacement of your power boat if you need to exercise this option. The actual cash value considers the boat in terms of a deprecating factor of around 10%. Most the time you will find that the agreed value will be the best policy.

I hope I gave you an idea on what questions you will need to consider when purchasing power boat insurance. Once you start doing your research, there will be many other questions that will become quite obvious when considering you and your boats particular needs.

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