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Tips Before You Travel to Canada


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Striking mountain backdrops, sparkling clean lakes and a breath of fresh air that you have never before inhaled; these are a few things you can definitely anticipate on your trip to Canada, one of our planet's most picturesque countries. The intact beauty of Canada's rough country has been the playground for adventurers and travelers for many generations. It is exactly the sort of innate majesty that recurrently has visitors persistent to north of the border.

But, if this is your first expedition to Canada, then there are some important things of which you should be sure of. In an attempt for your visit to be as thrilling and pleasurable as possible, here are some tips for planning your Canadian holiday.

1. Passport & Visa Application

Start your passport & visa application process early on. International visitors to this country must carry a valid passport and you must check if you also need a visa for entry. Visit the Citizenship and Immigration website for the complete listing of countries to know whose citizens require visas to enter Canada. All guests should contact their Canadian consulate or embassy to learn about the documents required.

2. Insurance

Having travel insurance can give you composure and security when travelling abroad and that you are covered if your baggage gets lost or stolen or if you fall ill. Travel insurance doesn't need to be costly but lost belongings and medicinal bills certainly can be.

Medical and dental care is expensive here and the government advices that travelers be sufficiently covered during their stay in the country.

Insurance by and large covers remedial expenditures, monetary or any other losses brought upon while traveling. Travel insurance is prearranged at the booking of a trip to wrap precisely the duration of that particular trip. Travel policies offer the following coverage policies:

• Student travel
• Business travel
• Leisure travel
• Adventure travel
• Cruise travel
• International travel

Irrespective of the type of qualms an appropriate coverage satisfying the necessities can offer the coverage needed while in a foreign country. It may save spending a fate in any dreadful unanticipated incident.

3. Vaccination

No special injections or vaccinations are required to visit Canada.

4. Measurement Units

Canada uses different gauging systems and for travelers who are uninformed, it can be challenging. For example, if you are driving here, the speed limit is defined in kilometers per hour. These are minute differences, but ones that could have an effect on your trip.

5. Weather Conditions

The country encounters all the four seasons. October to May is the chilliest months and you should pack your bags accordingly. Canada's coastal regions have a propensity to receive plenty of rainfall and in the grasslands, you should expect some stronger than normal winds.

6. Time Difference

It is imperative to be able to work out the time difference to know how long a journey will take and also to co-ordinate with the people back home.

7. Language

Though English and French are the most commonly used languages here, but you can generally get by with English in most of the tourist spots. If you enter into more rural areas, it could be helpful if you know a little French, or at least have a French-English dictionary in hand.

8. Currency

Canadian commerce runs on the Canadian dollar, which is much like the U. S. dollar. Currency can be exchanged can at most major cities at local currency exchange kiosks or at a bank.

Planning, for any holiday whether it's within or out of the country, is vital. Use the pool of information available on the Internet to obtain a good idea about the country you are visiting. Everything from the best hotels to famous attractions and travel tips can be found online.

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