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Big Jet Planes


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Big jet airplanes? I'm scared, scared, scared. The thought sends me into physical fear. I just don't like the idea of them. Small propeller airplanes I love. I would go out of my way to go on holiday on a propeller airplane. It's all the same of course, just like taking your passport or sorting travel insurance, it's just the concept that I've built up as something to focus on that I dislike and something that I like.

Deep breath. Fear. I actually don't tremble but just feel quite physically scared. I'm pacing around the house arranging all those little things you need to do before you go away on holiday. Make a list of to do things, that'll give me something to concentrate on rather than worrying about things that shouldn't be worried about. That are really no cause for concern. But the fear returns.

It is just fear I tell myself. But wow does that fear have some kind of feeling. Maybe it's not fear at all. Perhaps I'm just inventing it to distract myself from getting on with making sure theirs enough cat food so the others have no excuse to feed them while I'm on holiday.

I didn't get travel insurance when I booked the travel tickets but I'm going to have a look on the Internet and see what's on offer. Then I'm scared again. This is ridiculous. We spend so much time preparing and working and saving up so we can have a nice holiday, then just get stressed out with all the arrangements.

Hmm, I'm not actually that stressed. I think I'm looking forward to it. Well I definitely would be if it was a propeller airplane. Nice little airport with a grass strip runway. Somehow there's something more real and free about going on holiday from an airport like that.

Lots of web sites for travel insurance. Perhaps too many. Maybe it's all the same company. No, it's lots of different companies and now I'm getting a bit tired browsing through the offers for travel insurance. I try a comparison site. That's better. Suddenly I tremble, slightly, just a little. All those trains and planes and taxis to make sure I get at the right time.

I daydream for 5 minutes about learning to fly a small airplane and turning the field behind the house into a private airstrip. That would be lovely. I wonder about what it would be like to go straight from A to B in your own private airplane. I suppose travel insurance would be a lot more that way.

But it would be worth it. Years ago they were saying that in the future we'd all have these really cool flying car things with sky roads or something. That was so exciting. But no-one's invented them, or at least no-ones let us do it.

I suppose that part of the fun of travelling is that someone else is usually doing the driving for you. Yes I should just get that travel insurance, sit back and relax.

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