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Your Luggage and Your Insurance Policy

Victor Epand

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There are very few people who go on holiday these days who decide to leave home without any kind of holiday insurance policy in place. It would be foolish today, indeed, to attempt to do such a thing. Holiday insurance is often included automatically as part of the package price if booking the holiday through an agent. If doing it yourself then it is certainly worth including since the price of such insurance is usually only a very small fraction of the overall price of the holiday.

One of the things to bear in mind as far as a holiday insurance policy is concerned is how it relates to your luggage, if indeed it relates to your luggage at all. There are a few things worth considering. Obviously if you are handing over your luggage to an airline it is possible that the airline will cover you for any loss or damage that can be proven to be their responsibility. Although it is easy to assume that this is a common situation, in truth there is a significant amount of small print hidden in the policy documents provided by the airline to waive their responsibility for your luggage.

This might seem unfair, but when you think about it, it would be quite impossible for the airline to ascertain the condition of the case or bag, the state in which it has been packed and the method used to seal it. Whilst some cases will be of good quality, packed soundly and sealed effectively, there will of course be many others which are tired, old and past their best, bursting full of heavy and ill-packed items, and zipped up to within a fraction of its life. It would be unfair for the airline to take equal responsibility for these bags, or indeed to spend the time it would take to assess the survival rate of each bag that it is responsible for transporting.

But at the same time, your own holiday insurance policy will face similar restrictions, and may also prove worthless in certain cases of damage or loss, either of items within the luggage or the luggage itself. It is certainly possible to obtain policies that do cover you fully for your luggage and their contents. This will increase the cost of the policy itself, but can help to provide peace of mind, especially if you are travelling with items that are necessary but expensive, such as for example, photographic equipment.

Having said that, if you are taking items of value on holiday, such as video or camera equipment, it may well be that your home insurance policy will cover you for any loss or damage to these items whilst on holiday. This is not usually the case by default, but nearly always an option on standard home insurance policies, and is well worth considering as it may well be worth insuring your items this way as it may be cheaper than it would be on a holiday insurance policy. Whichever way you do insure your items, always make sure, of course, that you take care to read the small print.

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