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Recreational Vehicles Require Insurance Coverage

Deanie Canales

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Some recreational vehicles or RV’s are part vehicle and part home. Obviously if you are traveling the roads with a large motor home, you would need to have this vehicle insured. What about the smaller recreational vehicles that people buy and use for pure pleasure and excitement? Do they have to be insured as well?

Among the most common recreational vehicles are:

  1. Snow mobiles
  2. All-terrain vehicles
  3. Fifth Wheel Motor homes
  4. Personal Watercraft
  5. Boat insurance

Yes, even off road vehicles should have insurance coverage. You can get into an accident anywhere and to protect your investment, specialty insurance coverage exists for dirt bikes, four wheeled ATV’s and even dune buggies if you like tearing it up on the sand. Believe it or not, golf carts should be covered as well. Some communities thrive on golf carts as their primary form of transportation. Your homeowners policy probably will not adequately cover the costs of medical payments or property damage should you get into a serious accident with your off road vehicle.

Recreations Vehicles require their own insurance coverage. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting additional coverage:

  • Valuable things that you can bring along with in your RVs like television sets, computer laptops, camcorders, and other personal property are not covered by typical auto insurance. Even though these items are under your homeowners policy but are outside your “residence premises” can be exempted from compensation.
  • Parking your recreational vehicle, i. e, a trailer, at a campsite can make you liable for the area around your vehicle. If somehow, a person or another person’s property got damaged or injured, you can be fully responsible for it.
  • Unprecedented damage while on the road.

RV Insurance Coverage Options

The liability coverage for a recreational vehicle includes:

1. Physical Injury and Property Damage liability – (BI/PD) is a coverage for accidents involving injury to a person or damage to other people’s property. If one is liable to the accident, the insurance offers to pay for:

  • Cost of replacement or repair to the property
  • Cost of medical bills to an injured party
  • Coverage of the lost wage or income of the injured party

2. Uninsured or underinsured motorist – the person may have an inadequate insurance or doesn’t have any at all, the UUM insurance policy covers for the injuries incurred where the at-fault party is liable for.

3. Medical and other Health Miscellaneous Payments – sometimes, the damage or injury is incurred by the people inside the van or car.

4. Roadside Assistance – RA provides coverage for the cost of towing the damaged RV to a repair facility as well as payment for the labor.

In many cases, the low cost auto insurance for Philadelphia residents is not thorough enough to cover your RV incidents. We encourage you to seek out the best insurance brokerage in the Delaware Valley to discuss your need to cover your off road and fifth wheel vehicles. Ask this auto insurance specialist in Philadelphia to explain what is and is not covered. Ask questions like, “Is the trailer covered? How about the optional equipment I bought for my off road vehicle?” Not all insurance brokers in Bucks County are considered equal and therefore it is important you find the broker right for you.

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