Because a Cat Has Nine Lives Does it Need Pet Medical Insurance?


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I have been thinking about the logistics of getting my house cat Trixie pet medical insurance. And no matter how I look at it, no matter how I twist the numbers and skew the data I keep coming back to this one question - if a cat has nine lives what is the point of getting it pet medical insurance?

Now I cherish and adore my cat Trixie very much. She is the apple of my eye and the tulip of my nose. I have had her since she was a mischievous little kitten and she is like family to me. There is nothing in the world I wouldn't do for her.

Like the other day she was in a sour mood and was moping around the house. She was hissing at shadows and sticking her nose up at me like she had airs about her. Now there is one thing you should know about Trixie and that is she is a very sweet cat and very rarely does she have a hissy fit.

When Trixie gets into a mood like this I immediately think of ways I can cheer her up. I use to juggle when I was younger so I got 3 bananas and started juggling them to see if this would entertain her and get her out of her sour mood.

Well, it didn't.

I then started making funny faces at her. I stuck my tongue out at her and crossed my eyes at her and stuff like that. This didn't work either. So then I started doing tricks for her. I rolled over and did a somersault and then I hopped on one leg and then I did a silly dance that usually has her falling on the floor laughing and holding her sides.

But this didn't work either.

Finally, I took out my accordion and played Beethoven's 9th Symphony. That did the trick. The sour mood left Trixie like air out of a tire. There is nothing like beautiful music to tame the soul of a wild beast. As you can see I care for my Trixie very much.

But because she is a cat and a cat has nine lives - what is the point of getting her pet medical insurance? If I look at this sanely and logistically the answer is no. But if I look at it with my heart and my emotions the answer is yes. It would put me at ease and give me a little peace of mind.

Or maybe I should wait until she has used up 8 of her lives and then get her pet medical insurance for the last one?

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I just can't decide and its driving me nuts. Whether to get pet medical insurance or not. I can't sleep and I'm losing my hair. The story is here Pet Medical Insurance.


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