How to Negotiate With an Insurance Adjuster

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If you get involved in any form of accident and get a personal injury, there are all chances that you will get a call or a visit from an insurance adjuster; the first thing that you are going to remember is that you will not allow any kind of recording of your conversation. This is an extremely import rule because anything you say to the insurance adjuster can and will most definitely be used against you. In most cases they will want to get into your personal life but you will always do well to ensure that you deflect all their questions because no one has the right to your personal information or coerce into discussing the issue of your claim.

In many cases, the commercial claims adjuster will want to hear your side of the story especially regarding the accident and they will try all means to get you to talk about the accident. However, you will do well to remember that in spite of that good talking, their hands are actually on your wallet so that anything you say that could incriminate you can easily work to your disadvantage. Unless you are accompanied by your personal injury attorney, you are better off telling them that you are not yet ready to do a statement regarding your version of the accident and instead that you will discuss the issue at the appropriate time. You should be able to tell the commercial claims adjuster that you wish to concentrate on your healing first and will make a written demand for compensation where you will give your complete description of the accident.

The most important thing that you must remember when you are dealing with a commercial claims adjuster is that they are highly trained to look or all kind of information so that they can use it against your claim for compensation. Even when they ask you about the kind of treatment that you received, where you were treated, how you are feeling and what your doctors said about your injuries, you are under no obligation to give this information to anyone. You want to remember that all the things they may want to ask of you can always be given later in written form.

When you are dealing with a private insurance adjuster, you must remember that there is so much at stake and that is why they took their time to come over and visit with you; in many cases, the reason why they win and you lose is based on some of the information that you give them during these early stages and because you do not know exactly what you will say that will incriminate and work against you, you are better off not discussing any topics whatsoever with them. Even when it sounds informal, any information you give to a commercial claims adjuster will as well be etched in stone.

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What to Expect of an Insurance Adjuster
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