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Getting Past The Health Exam - Get Cheaper Life Insurance


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When it comes to getting life insurance the one thing that people fear other than the cost of it is will they pass the health exam and what will it say. The reason most people worry about the health exam is because they don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for the life insurance policy but that seems to be what happens all the time just because of something that was found in the exam. I know what you are thinking, “The exam is being done by the insurance company, so of course it is going to come back with something to make the premiums go up”. The problem with thinking that the exam is performed by the insurance company is that it is not correct, most insurance companies pay other companies to come out and do the exam.

How to get past the health exam

Don’t smoke – If you smoke and you have smoked recently then you might want to wait before you take your health exam. My recommendation would be to wait at least 1 month without smoking before you get your health exam because then you could most likely get a lower rate on your life insurance policy. The problem with smoking is that every cigarette that you smoke will reduce the number of days you have here on Earth and that is a huge problem in the eyes of an insurance company.

Drink lots of water – If you are not too healthy and even if you are you should drink a lot of water prior to the health exam. The reason why you should drink a lot of water is because the more water that is in your system the cleaner and better your body will be. Just know that water is not the cure all technique but it does help you quite a bit in regards to lowering your premiums.

Just relax – The problem that many people have is they go into a health exam stressed out about everything and when this happens you will mess with the results of the health exam and most of the time it is in a negative way for you. Do yourself a huge favor and instead of stressing out over a health exam you should just relax and do whatever it is you do in order to calm your nerves and your mind.

Life insurance is always going to have a health exam that you have to take in order to be approved for a policy and that is one of the reasons why you should do all you can in order to pass it with flying colors. Just know that life insurance is always going to be a little bit costlier and the main reason for the costs of it is because even if you were to pass away tomorrow and you just got your life insurance policy today then the company would still have to pay you the amount you are entitled. Think about it, life insurance does not have a timer as to when it can be paid out.

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