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Find Life Insurance Premium Calculator


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Taking up a life insurance policy can help someone finally be in control of their finances. Anyone who desires a good life for his family even after his death should seriously consider buying life insurance. It doesn’t matter what one’s level of income is; there is an ideal life insurance plan for every budget. A life insurance premium calculator will help you determine how much life coverage you need and what it would cost you on average. In essence, it helps you buy the most appropriate life insurance policy for you.

The life insurance premium calculator does the bulk of work, taking the burden off the shoulders of insurance agents who previously had to do all the calculations themselves. There was no tool that regular consumers, laymen in insurance, could use to calculate the amount of insurance suitable for them. Only insurance agents were skilled in this and the process was usually long and tedious.

The primary aim of using the calculator is to determine the amount of money one needs to put aside in order to ensure that his or her dependants enjoy comfortable living.

To do this, the life insurance premium calculator will request details about your financial life. You must provide a sum of your total earnings as well as expenditure, both current and projected. When giving the income amount, do not include monies you are hoping to get in the future through either a pay increment or windfall. Give the exact amount you are currently earning. Similarly when listing expenditure, include all monthly expenses – bills, mortgages, real estate management costs, children’s education, wedding costs, funeral expenses and any other expenses you anticipate in the future.

If you have two jobs, list the total amount of salary you get from both. If your spouse is working, add their income too. If you have a side business that brings in some cash every week or month, include that too. Pension and social security benefits count too so add them up as well.

The life insurance premium calculator will consider your age, the age of your spouse and the number of years before your youngest child attains the legal age of eighteen. Talking about the age of children, the calculator works on the principle that after eighteen, children’s dependence on parents reduces to a bare minimum. Meaning thereafter, the policy holder won’t have as many expenses as before. If you already have life insurance but you want to know whether it is enough, you will get a figure in either the positive or negative. A negative figure means you have enough insurance while a positive one implies that you need to top up your insurance amount.

life insurance premium calculator

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How to Get Carrier Approved Life Insurance Premium Financing
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