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Types of Life Annuity


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As we mentioned in other articles the government only represents about 30% of our retirement income, the company retirement pension plan offers another 30% and many of us do not have one. It is up to individuals to invest wisely short and long term in order to make up for the short fall if he or she would like to live comfortably after retirement without giving up some retirement plans. Now you have reached your retirement age, there are some important investment options for your RRSP or 401k plan. In this article, we will discuss types of life annuity.

1. Guaranteed term annuity

a) An annuity that guarantees to make payments for a minimum period even if you die, any payment remaining in the contract is paid to your spouse or beneficiary.
b) Payment from the insurance company at the end of the guaranteed period, if you are still alive.
c) Normally, it is guaranteed up to age 90. The longer the guaranteed period the smaller amount of regular payment.

2. Joint and last survivor annuity

A joint life and last survivor annuity provides payments to you and for that of a second life. Payment continues with the same amount, after the first person dies. This type of annuity appeals to married couples. For registered funds, the joint life must be a spouse.

3. Single annuity

a) The annuity provides benefits for one person only.
b) Payment is based on life expectancy of annuitant.
c) Payment stops, if the annuitant dies.

4. Insured annuity

You liquidate your interest-bearing investments and use the resulting cash to purchase a life annuity contract.

a) The contract contains 2 parts insurance and life annuity with no guaranteed period.
b) Medical examination is required for you to qualify.
c) Capital preservation for the estate if you die.

The benefit of insured annuity includes increased cash flow to you while you're alive, and insurance portion benefits to your estate at death.

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