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General Life Insurance Questions - Asked and Answered!


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Who is allowed to take out a life insurance policy on my life?

The only individual who can buy a life insurance policy on your life is someone who has an actual “insurable interest" on your life. A stranger is not allowed to purchase a life insurance policy on your life.

Individuals who typically have an insurable interest on someone else's life are family members (immediate family), employers, business partners, or major creditors.

Do my beneficiaries have an insurable interest on my life?

If you purchase a life insurance policy on your own life, then you are the owner of that particular policy. You have the right to name anyone you like as your beneficiary.

How do I begin the process of applying for life insurance?

Generally, you fill out an application regarding your personal health history, age, and other information. Depending on your answers on the application, the life insurance company will determine if it wants to insure you or not.

Once the application is completed, you should make sure to review it to catch any mistakes, blank areas, or any other additional information you forgot to include. This application will become part of your policy contract down the line, and any blank spaces left on the application could run the risk of being filled in by another party.

It is always essential to be as honest as possible when filling out the application. Any factual omissions, exaggerations, half-truths, or lies could cause your policy to become void if discovered later, risking leaving your beneficiaries with nothing.

How large of a factor are my age and health status when a company is deciding to insure me?

These factors are definitely something that are taken into consideration when a life insurance company is determining if they want to insure you.

It's true that life insurance companies generally assume risks in regards to insuring someone who is not in the ideal health condition, these companies still attempt to stack the odds as high as possible in
their favor. To minimize any potential risk, insurance companies decide how much to charge the potential insured party directly depending on particular factors, such as health condition and age.

Life insurance companies use statistical measurements ("mortality tables") to estimate how long a potential insured party will live for. Depending on this measurement the insurance company will gauge how much to charge you for the life insurance policy and what benefits will come along with it.

As the insured party grows older, the risk the insurance company is taking also grows, as does the cost of the policy. This is one of the main reasons why life insurance tends to be so much cheaper the younger you are. It can be difficult to secure life insurance at times if you are fairly old in age.

Life insurance companies do take other factors into consideration other than health and age, however. They also look at elements that can negatively affect a potential insured party's life expectancy, such as personal habits, career choices, and family health histories.

Sarah Martin is a freelance marketing writer based out of San Diego, CA. She specializes in life insurance policies and their benefits, drawbacks, and essential information. For a free life insurance quote please visit .


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