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Home Owner Insurance - Factors That Will Make You Pay Less


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You can easily get cheap home owner insurance rates. It's straightforward if you know what it takes. This article shows things you should understand. They will help you realize the biggest savings possible in homeowners insurance.

a) The newer a home is, the lower the insurance rates you'll pay all other things being the same. A new house will get you savings of between 8-15% from most insurers. The simple reason for this is that a new home usually has electrical, plumbing and heating systems that are in excellent shape. Furthermore, everything about its structure is usually also in the best condition.

b) The material used in its construction could also make you pay a lot more or less. If you live in the East, you'll pay less if it's a brick home. This is because brick is far more resistant to wind damage than frame. However, if you're in the West, you'll attract lower home owner insurance rates if your home's construction material is frame. The simple reason for this is that frame homes are more resistant to earthquake damage. Insurers will give discounts of between 5-15 percent if you make the right choice for your situation.

c) Although this does not affect your homeowners policy directly I'll include it because it affects what you'd have to pay before you'll be deemed to have adequate coverage for your home. Folks who buy homes in flood-prone areas pay around $400 annually for flood insurance. Every mortgagor will insist that you get it if your home is in a flood-prone region. You can save yourself such expense by buying a home in an area that isn't prone to such.

d) If you buy a home in a town that has only a volunteer fire service, you'll pay a lot more in home owner insurance rates than for a town that has a full-time fire service. Also, how close your home is to a fire station or hydrant will affect your homeowners insurance premium. Simply put: the closer your home is to firefighters and their equipment, the lower your rates will be.

e) How close is the house to a police station? This also will go a long way in reducing your homeowners insurance premium.

f) Is the neighborhood a trouble spot? Homes in areas that are notorious for crime cost a lot more to insure. And, even if you think your neighborhood is a low crime area, take some time out to check. You can call up an agent or insurance office and ask. It does happen that the house on the next street belongs to a high crime zone (according to an insurer's map).

You will save much in home owner insurance rates if you do shop around. You can do this easily by visiting quotes sites and doing proper comparison. You will realize savings if you visit only one quotes site.

However, you will get lower home owner insurance quotes by visiting at least three. I advise that you visit a minimum of three quotes sites because that will make it less likely that you'll miss out better quotes not carried by the other sites. This raises your chances of lowering your homeowners insurance rates.

Here are my favorite sites for home owners insurance quotes. . .

Homeowners Insurance Quotes from InsureMe

Hometown: Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Chimezirim Odimba writes on Homeowners insurance.


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