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Health insurance in India – A basic guide


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Health has been a critical issue for generations. With the scare of lifestyle diseases prevalent in society it is important to do more than just workout and consume healthy food. People try to lead a healthy and happy life by practicing a green lifestyle. However a medical emergency can befall you without any prior intimation. Time and again there have been incidents wherein individuals have lost their lives due to a minor mistake. Medical emergencies do not limit themselves to senior citizens but youngsters have also suffered the wrath of not owning a health insurance.

Every sickness, disease and illness draws attention to the need of health India insurance. This insurance policy is known to cover all your medical expenses, big and small during your lifetime. It is similar to a contract you have with the insurance company. When you are injured, the insurance company pays for the medical treatment. With the ongoing inflation phenomenon, medical expenses are sky rocketing. The only person who will manage to cross this hurdle is the one equipped with a health insurance.

• Organizations iterate on having health insurance, sometime they even provide insurance to their employees at risk. There are various advantages an individual can avail if he is insured.

• If you are insured you need not worry about paying for medical treatments and doctor’s fees. All these expenses are managed and cleared by the insurer. With the escalating medical expenses, many people have started realizing the worth of having health insurance.

• The insured always has access to better healthcare treatment unlike the uninsured. When you apply for insurance, the company provides the insured a medical card. The card opens up several options in relation to hospitals, medical institutions etc. The card is also a guarantee that the expenses will be taken care of by the insurance company.

• General check-ups tend to take up a good part of the monthly income. With health insurance these general check-ups are free of cost as the tab is cleared by the insurance company. Families are making it a priority to health India because it safeguards every family member against grave dangers and emergencies.

• When health insurance is provided by the employer, the employee need not pay the entire premium amount. This is because insurance is provided at a discounted rate. In this way the remaining amount is can be saved for future contingencies. Individuals make it a point to buy insurance also because of tax exemptions.

Before making the purchase it is important to list your requirements and your budget. Once done, you can either browse through health insurance policies online or approach an agent to gain further insight. The key to find the right policy is to know what you want.


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