Choosing Between Medicare Supplement Plan and Medicare Advantage Plan


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Whenever people reach the age of 65, they are entitled to health care services and insurances funded by the government, which is referred to as Medicare. Medicare is a way for the government to provide American senior citizens the right services and benefits for their health needs.

Medicare has many policies offered to people who are in their retirement years. Medicare’s Part A, in particular, covers hospital bills and doctor’s fees. Senior citizens are automatically entitled to Part A of Medicare. Part B is optional for them. Along with Medicare, the federal law has allowed private insurance companies to offer supplementary insurance plans to allow senior citizens to access additional health care resources.

The two common policy plans offered by private insurance companies are Medicare supplement plan and Medicare advantage plan. These two plans are different but share the same goal of providing senior citizens with optional resources for their health needs. Although both plans offer different policies, they are both approved and guided by the federal government.

Medical advantage plan and Medicare supplement plan N are both offered by private insurance companies. However, they differ in terms of coverage. The former entitles plan holders with prescription coverage along with additional health coverage for dental, hearing, and vision care. Moreover, some insurance companies offer Medicare advantage plans along with Medicare’s Part D.

On the other hand, Medicare supplement plan N fills in the gap of senior citizen’s healthcare services. Private insurance companies offer 12 types of Medicare supplement plans. Medicare supplement plan is standardized by the federal law and is considered second to the original Medicare policy. It basically covers the amount charged by doctors and hospitals.

The good thing about Medicare supplement plan N is that it is widely accepted by many hospitals in the country. Moreover, they have become more affordable than Medicare advantage plans, which cost very cheap. But just to make things clear, Medicare supplement plans do not cover what the original Medicare does. Both will have an additional charge on senior citizens’ monthly premium. However, they are proven to provide supplementary health services benefits for senior citizens who need long term health care.

Medicare supplement plan N

medicare supplement plan n

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