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Malpractice Insurance and Health Insurance Costs - Are They Interconnected?


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Over the past handful of decades, malpractice insurance costs for medical professionals have been on the steady rise. While everyone agrees that malpractice insurance is a necessity, has it become an expensive dinosaur that needs to be reigned in?

The Average Opinion

Ask the average American and he or she will tell you that they want the right to sue for millions in a malpractice case and that health care cost are too high. Both of these things that will say with the same breath. Also, at the same time that they complain that doctors are being payed too much, they will tell you that its OK that their favorite sports star makes millions for tossing a ball around.

Skewed Priorities

So who is actually to blame for skyrocketing health care costs? The fact is, that Americans have more say so then they realize on the issue but they are just too damn easy to manipulate by those who they elect into office. Also, there are those who will argue that Americans have their priorities screwed up as it pertains to health care.

Cheap Health Care

One item worth examining is the cheap cost of health care in many foreign countries where doctors are in fact scarce. In many of these countries the right to sue for malpractice is very limited and the patients don't seem to mind. To them, the idea of bringing financial ruin to a doctor who made a mistake while trying to help them runs counter to their sense of decency and what is just.

On the Rise

The fact is, that malpractice insurance costs and health care cost are directly connected and until Americans make the decision to institute some type of comprehensive malpractice insurance reform, costs to the consumer are just going to keep on rising.

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