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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Health Insurance Quotes and Plan Review


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For Texas residents looking for health care, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas is one of the top health insurance companies to consider in the state. Learning about Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas medical insurance plans is even more important when one realizes that within the Unites States there cost of health care keeps rising and with it the uninsured rate keeps rising steadily. It is estimated that about 47 million Americans are living without Health Insurance coverage, when in 2006 there were about 46.4 million without Health Insurance. Middle class citizens are having trouble paying their bills and some people just cannot afford health insurance coverage at the moment. As the nation tries to do something about it, private insurance companies have tried to lower the rates to attract more customers and make it easier for people to sign up for the so long wished health insurance.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the major insurance companies in America, serving in all 50 states in the nation. They are family of 39 independent, community-based and locally operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies. The company founded in 1929 in the state of Texas has become a world leader in the insurance world and nowadays it holds members in about 170 countries around the world. Here in America they have an estimated 99 million members enrolled in their health plans and the number only keeps growing. The statistics only keep getting better since Blue Cross Blue Shield is said to have contact with about 90 percent of hospitals and 80 percent of physicians nationwide, and the number is said to be on the rise in the next few years.

With an A. M. Best Rating of an A , that they have very strong financial claims paying ability, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas is one of the best in the nation. Texas, the oldest BCBS in the United States that has been serving Americans for over 70 years. The independent local insurance company serves more than 4 million members in all the counties within the state and they are partnered with some of the best hospital and organizations within the state. Some of the entities they do business with include but are not limited to Brinker International, Brookshire Grocery, City of Houston, Continental Airlines, Texas Instruments and the Texas A&M Institution.

A non-investor owned Health Insurance Company; they believe that every resident of the state of Texas should have access to quality health care. Recently they developed the Texas Health Insurance Risk pool that grants excellent health insurance to people that otherwise would not be able to obtain it. Based in Richardson and with corporate headquarters in Houston, Austin and Lubbock the company only keeps growing and is one of the biggest, if not the biggest of the state. They have 5,700 employees all qualified to assist the customer's specific needs and in all of the important Texan cities. BCBS of Texas also has the largest health care network in the state with about 36,000 primary care physicians and 4,000 hospitals across the state.

The company has a variety of products that are excellent for anyone, depending on their needs. Below we will see the different types of plans and what they each offer:

Texas Individual and Family Health Insurance Coverage:

Select Blue Advantage Series: Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) that offers a variety of deductible options and office co-payments. Specially made for families, couples and children. Child only option available.

PPO Select Choice Series III: A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) that offers a variety of deductible options and low co-payments for in-network physician visits.

PPO Select Saver Series: A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) that goes back to the basics of choice and flexibility for individual health care coverage. It offers a variety of deductible and co-payments that will either raise or lower the cost of your rates.

PPO Select Value Care: Part of the Blue Choice network that offers a variety of coverage options with no necessity of meet a deductible for your health insurance benefits to kick in when you need them.

PPO Select Basic: A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) with just the basic coverage for the families or individuals that just want to have accessible health insurance. This plan is the most cost effective plan that BCBS of Texas has to offer for the relatively healthy customers.

Foundation Hospital Care: This plan from BCBS of Texas offers a limited “impatient facility only". This plan provides health coverage for those situations in which inpatient care is necessary.

Health Savings Account: High deductible plan that ranges from $1500 to $5000 for individuals and $2,200 to $10,000 for families. Because deductibles are really high, that means that premiums will be much lower. A Health Savings Account is a tax favored savings account that is used in combination with a high deductible insurance plan.

Temporary Medical Coverage: The plan offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas is called SelectTEMP and it's a preferred provider organization that can protect you, your spouse and your children (if you have any) in case of an unexpected illness. Anyone that is between 1 and 65 years is available to receive this coverage and someone that is not currently pregnant.

Medicare Products: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas also offers products that complement the Medicare program that people over the age of 65 have. They also offer Medicare Prescription coverage and a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas has been serving people in the state of Texas for over 70 years. To compare quotes from top companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, United Healthcare, Humana, Aetna, and others side by side online then be sure and request free Texas health insurance quotes . Get started comparing health insurance rates today!


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