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Benefits of Vertical Wheelchair Lifts


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Many of us, even though we are gifted with the ability to do all our normal activities such as walking, running and climbing, love to enjoy more comforts such as lifts, ramps and elevators. But there are many mentally vibrant people facing mobility problems due to their physical handicaps, along with problems of old age. These individuals spend a substantial part of their life in wheelchairs and cannot move about as freely as others. Today ramps and elevators are common in most public buildings; but there still exists the need for supplementary equipment such as vertical wheelchair lifts, to benefit physically challenged individuals.

One of the striking benefits of vertical wheelchair lifts or platform lifts is that these are designed in such a manner that a person in a wheelchair can be elevated or lowered between the floors without leaving the wheelchair. A vertical wheelchair lift is also powered by hydraulics or electricity. The different models of vertical wheelchair lifts are:

  • Enclosed model
  • Shaft way model
  • Stage model
  • Opal model

    In the Enclosed model, the wheelchair and the boarder can be placed on a platform which is enclosed with walls as the lift moves up and down. The Shaftway model can be used in residential as well as commercial environments and fixed to existing walls like an elevator. The Stage model featured with just a platform can be used for shorter heights or elevations. The Opal model, apart from its open ceiling, is almost similar to the Enclosed model.

    Vertical wheelchair lifts or platform lifts can be used in various locations as in residences, and facilitates easy access between floors and porches to those using wheelchairs. In a scholastic environment, the major benefit of vertical wheelchair lifts is that these provide physically challenged individuals to easily negotiate all elevated platforms and lecture halls.

    The excellent benefits of vertical wheelchair lifts help one lead a better activity oriented life, enjoying considerable independence. At home or the workplace, a vertical wheelchair lift can bring remarkable changes in the life of the physically challenged people.

    Anthony Robbins is working as a design consultant at Day Elevator & Lift . At DAY, we focus on eliminating several accessibility challenges you face at home and in your business premises, with the help of premium products such as wheelchair lifts. We have an extensive range of Inclined and vertical wheelchair lifts .

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