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Dental Insurance May Be Just the Thing to Ward Off the Pricey Gum Disease Monster


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While many people feel that medical insurance is an important thing to have, it seems that the general consensus is not the same toward dental insurance. There are many reasons why this is, but the most common is that what is out of sight is also usually out of mind; such is the case with the teeth in our mouths. Just because we can't see that they aren't as healthy as they could be, it is a lot easier to ignore the fact that they are not getting proper care.

Gum disease, gingivitis, cavities-you name it, it can have an effect on your overall health as well as your dental health. For this reason, medical and dental insurance should certainly go hand in hand as one is certainly no less important than the other.

Gum disease, or Periodontitis as it is often referred to, is one of the most common dental afflictions of them all. As a matter of fact, it is so common that many people do not even know that they suffer from it themselves, attributing their bleeding gums to a rough toothbrush and their poor breath as the result of some bad food. While these may be all well and fine, gum disease can rapidly spin out of control taking its toll one's general health as well. This is where dental insurance comes into play, and why it is so important to ensure that you are covered.

Dentists are not cheap, in any sense of the word. If you have had dental insurance for most or any part of your life that you were seeing a dentist than you may not have any idea how much these pricey dental procedures could cost. Even a basic cleaning can cost what some people might consider a whole pay check. Cleaning, filling, and regular checkups are the best defense that a person has against periodontal disease. Periodontitis is easy to overlook, but with the help of a dental professional the signs can be spotted and the condition can be reversed in a matter of months if caught early enough.

For those who don't have anybody working on their teeth, gum disease can get very far advanced before it is noticeable. Once bleeding gums and deep pockets begin to form the work that is needed by a dentist is often extremely pricey, and many dental insurance programs exclude pre-existing conditions. This could leave all or part of the bill to reverse this condition to be paid out of pocket, money which fewer and fewer people have to spare in today's economy.

The moral of the story: prevention is key, and dental insurance is the best tool to be had in the prevention of gum disease. Nobody wants to lose their teeth, but nobody wants to pay thousands of dollars for dental work, either. Obtaining the right insurance can help to get you on the path to a healthy mouth before it is too late.

Nicole Braddock is a freelance writer for For help combating the nasty effects of periodontal disease, visit , where you can get more information and help becoming a healthier person from the inside out and kick gum disease once and for all.


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