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Discount Dental Plans - What's in it For Me?


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As dental discount plans continue to gain in popularity - especially among the uninsured - many people still aren't sure just what discount plans work and what benefits they might receive by signing up for one of these plans. You might be wondering the same thing.

But first, just what is a discount plan?

Dental discount plans, also called discount dental plans, are not insurance. They work by memberships. You apply for membership with a company that offers the plan and agree to pay a monthly fee in return for deep discounts on all your dental services. The company issues you a dental discount card.

When you visit the dentist, you simply present your card for an instant discount. Since a discount dental plan isn't the same as insurance you are responsible for paying for all services. In return, you're able to get dental care at a discounted rate.

Typical savings can range from 25% to 70%, depending on which plan you buy.

Here are 10 benefits you can expect when you sign up for a discount dental plan:

1. Instant Activation.

When you enroll in a discount plan you can start using the plan as soon as you sign up, even before your discount card arrives.

2. Dental discount plans are affordable.

For the price of a cup of coffee a day, you can have coverage for everyone living in your household.

3. Save Money.

With a discount dental plan you can save from 20% to 80% on most dental procedures.

4. Everyone is eligible.

Since there is no age limit, anyone can apply for membership.

5. No Paperwork.

You don't have to answer health questions or fill out any paperwork. . . and there are no insurance companies to deal with.

6. No Rejection.

If you choose the right plan, you won't be turned down because of ongoing or pre-existing conditions. Most dental discount plans accept all ongoing problems.

7. Never-Ending Service.

There is no limit on services.   You can visit the dentist as often as you want. Just present your discount card each time you visit.

8. All-Inclusive Service

Discount dental plans include orthodontic (braces) and cosmetic dentistry (including teeth whitening) procedures.

9. Vision, RX and Chiropractic Included in some plans.

Some plans include prescription drugs, vision and chiropractic care-at no extra cost. (Note: Don't sign up for a plan that doesn't include these three)

10. Convenient.

You can choose the dentist of your choice in the network and you don't need a referral to see a specialist.

The Bottom Line . . .

If you currently don't have dental insurance, or if your current policy has a high deductible or doesn't cover certain procedures, you might want to consider signing up for a discount plan. Just make sure you're signing up with the right company.  

Mike Griffith is a freelance writer of 22 years from Dallas, TX. He's also an independent distributor for a major discount plan company. He has researched and investigated more than 30 companies selling discount health and dental plans and has written his findings in more than 40 articles on his website, including how to avoid being scammed by an unscrupulous company. For more information about discount dental and health plans, including his recommendations for a good plan, visit him at


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