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The Two Smartest Ways to Save on Dental Bills


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Dental Plans

Almost 90 percent of dental insurance policies carry a “missing tooth clause" or a “replacement clause. " Many dental insurance policies include at least one of these clauses, but most have both. A missing tooth clause means that insurance companies don't have to pay for the missing tooth if it did not happen in the time of coverage. For example, if you lost a tooth before your coverage started and later decided that you would like to have a partial, bridge or implant, the insurance company would not pay for that if they have a missing tooth clause.

Most dental insurance companies use what is called a Usual, Customary and Reasonable (UCR) fee guide. This means that the insurance company sets their own price that they will allow for every dental procedure that they cover. This is not what a dentist will charge only what the insurance company will insure. This means you will still have to pay some of the dental bill. With a dental plan, the company will set the price at what the total bill is.


You can shop around and find the cheapest orthodontist but: As in any field there are orthodontists who are better than others so you want to make sure your going to a top one. Every mouth is different so they would need to do an exam before they could give you a price. They will charge for the exam so you will want to have a fair idea on whether or not you are going to use them before you do this.

You should ask them what there best price is. Dentists and orthodontists have good competition and you will probably get a small discount or long term payment plan if you ask for it. There is now a new concept called “Customer Driven Health care". It's a simple structure. Membership groups drive customers to orthodontists for a discount in exchange of new business. For the consumer it's a great deal. . .

Memberships groups have a very low monthly fee, lower than health insurance. Treatments that your insurance company won't do are done. There are no “missing tooth" clauses, so if you have an ongoing condition it will be covered. You can use the membership for as much as you like, there are no limits. It is now available for primary care physicians, vision providers, pharmacies and chiropractors as well as dentists and orthodontists.

Rex Warnaar writes on saving money and the ways to do it. You can learn more by visiting my blog. Saving on Dental Bills -


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