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Dental Insurance Plan Or Scam?


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Most dental insurance plans fit into three types of categories:

- A plan that is paid by the company for its employees in full or with premiums paid for by the employer,

- A plan that is considered personal dental insurance which is paid for in full by the individual,

- Or a plan that limits a patient to a certain circle of dentists that they can visit.

Since a majority of these plans fit into the first category of company-paid-for plans, most dentists refuse to take only the insurance payment as a full payment for their treatment. This means that the dentist will consider the insurance payment a portion of their charge and ask for you to pay the rest of the bill. Most of the time this is required even before treatment is administered, and even if you have your own personal dental plan, there is a chance that there could be more charges you have to pay before you can attend your six month checkup.

Discount Dental Insurance Plans Can Cost You More

Recently there have been a lot of “discount" membership plans popping up that offer services among a limited number of dentists for a cheaper price. This means that you are limited to a certain amount of dentists that you can visit and you have to be a member of the plan to do it. This type of plan is like a network healthcare plan, meaning that any medical staff who belong to the same network can offer you a reduced rate - but if you try to seek treatment outside of the circle, you are not eligible for the discounted price.

Many patients discover that they need to look into the background of their dental insurance plan before agreeing to anything so they can make sure the plan offers all the benefits they desire. Most premium costs start at around $35/month, but do not allow the patient to see the return value of their investment.

Seeing a dentist regularly is an important part of the public's health and the demand for Dental Insurance keeps going up. Because most visit to the dentist's office cost more than $50, with no actual treatment being included in that price, patients are searching for a dental insurance plan to lower the cost. Employees who have enrolled in their company's dental plans continue to stumble across the fact that having dental insurance does not mean that they will have a choice of dentists willing to accept their insurance as payment.

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